[Interview with Aiham Alsammarae]

Camera original footage of Elizabeth Brackett interviewing Aiham Alsammarae.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with some background sound of the crew readying equipment.

0:27Copy video clip URL Elizabeth Brackett and Aiham Alsammarae stand in front of the camera waiting for a cue.

0:49Copy video clip URL Brackett receives her cue and asks Alsammarae whether he thought he would ever get to return to Chicago. Alsammarae then details the events that led to his release.

2:28Copy video clip URL They go into further detail on how Alsammarae was able to get out of jail.

4:00Copy video clip URL Brackett questions how Alsammarae was so easily able to get through Iraq and out of the country to Jordan, then go from Jordan to America. “The Iraqi government… They consider you a fugitive. They say there are still charges pending. They also said that Interpol would stop you, that you were going to be considered an international criminal. I take it that didn’t happen?”

5:35Copy video clip URL Alsammarae addresses concerns for his safety in America.

6:13Copy video clip URL Correspondence ends and Brackett and Alsammarae relax. A crew member asks them to pose for a cutaway.

6:35Copy video clip URL While posing they talk about how long the clip was and the longer interview coming up the next day. Brackett asks him if he wants a ride.

7:10Copy video clip URL Cuts to over the shoulder of Brackett. They chat about Alsammarae’s family.

7:58Copy video clip URL End



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