It’s A Living: Sally, Terri, Dawn

Interviews with three women of different social status about their lives and the role of women.

0:00Copy video clip URL Count-in.

0:10Copy video clip URL Titles.

0:20Copy video clip URL Sally, Skokie. Exterior of house. Sally gives her opinion on  whether a housewife does “real work.” She talks about how no one else can take care of her kids as well as her, which means she doesn’t like to regularly have someone else take care of them. She then talks about her hopes for her children’s future. Skip Blumberg and Anda Korsts conduct the interview.

10:11Copy video clip URL Terri, Lake Shore Drive. Driving shots of tall buildings. She is a professional fashion model, interior designer, housewife, and mother. The last two are her most important jobs, even though the other two are very important. Can see camera operator (Anda) in the mirror. She loves to organize her house and run it, not so much cleaning it. Shots of Terri with daughters and live-in maid/nanny in kitchen with her voice over. She talks about how she thought her life was going to be when she was younger. Her husband basically stopped her from pursuing her acting career. She talks about her hopes for her children’s futures.

16:15Copy video clip URL Terri walks onstage at a fashion show in an evening gown.

17:04Copy video clip URL Terri says nothing could make her life better.

18:00Copy video clip URL Dawn, Cicero. Exterior of house. Dawn describes her daily schedule. She works full time at a factory (six days a week – 48 hours) in addition to doing her motherly duties. Her husband does cook some of the time. At work, she’s thinking about home and the kids. At home, she worries about work. Her ideal life would be not working, and just staying home and volunteering somewhere. She didn’t have to work while her children were very young. Her mother worked also. She talks about her expectations for her daughters. She wants her daughters to get a good education so they don’t have to work in a factory. She says her life is fulfilling, but it could be more interesting and she does have some regrets. She says she wished she had waited longer before she got married and had children. She always wanted to be a newspaper woman.

26:32Copy video clip URL Footage of Dawn at the factory with voice over. She hopes she doesn’t have to work in the factory for the rest of her life.

27:42Copy video clip URL Credits. Dawn gets in to her car.

28:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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