Jackie Curtis / Anton Perich (Artist Photographer) / Candy Darling

Footage of people hanging out in the Chelsea Hotel in 1972, including many artists and people involved in the Andy Warhol Factory scene, including Jackie Curtis, Anton Perich, Candy Darling, and Tony Pinck.

00:03Copy video clip URL The tape opens on a group of people sitting around in a hotel room. They speak at length about a variety of topics.

02:35Copy video clip URL One man asks to hear about a person named Harriet.

04:40Copy video clip URL Two people discuss a prank they’d like to play on their friend. When Susan arrives, they pretend to not know who she is.

07:00Copy video clip URL A few of the people pass around a bust of a man, using it to construct an outfit for one of the people. They then do an impression. Another joins into the impression. It’s unclear how much of the performance is improvised versus recited.

10:20Copy video clip URL “You play the thing, we’ll sing,” our performer exclaims, referring to somebody with a harmonica. They then take a break to enjoy a drink.

12:38Copy video clip URL A call comes in, and the person who picks it up tells the person on the other end to come over. Everybody else continues to converse and sip their drinks.

14:08Copy video clip URL Two people in the room begin what seems like an improvised or rehearsed comedic interaction. Much of the interaction seems nonsensical, but there is some sense of an overarching story.

15:50Copy video clip URL Music begins to play, and the cameraman turns the camera to face himself as he sings. He turns it the other way around — upside down now — to face another singer.

17:45Copy video clip URL The camera pans around the room, showing people in all states of activity, before returning to the man with the microphone. Briefly, the camera points at a TV showing a feed from the camera itself.

19:32Copy video clip URL The camera is set down on its side, as people continue to speak and move about. The discussion turns in various ways, with one man briefly name-dropping Andy Warhol.

20:36Copy video clip URL After a jump, three people seem to again be engaged in an improvisational routine. The camera pans around the room as the actors continue in their acting. The routine takes several turns, following a very loose track, but largely a nonsensical one.

26:27Copy video clip URL After a cut, the actors are seen again dressed in wild costumes and eating a banana. They continue their scene.

27:28Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



  1. Bernard Profitendieu says:

    we were in room 505, not 302

  2. steven gaines says:

    Tony Pinck is one of he guys.

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