[Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini, Lilly’s edit]

Lilly Ollinger's rough edit of Mayor Jane Byrne's Easter Celebration at Cabrini. Byrne had moved in to Cabrini Green in an effort to clean up crime. Has interviews with Cabrini Green residents and Jesse White about Byrne's move. Also has explanatory voiceover. Timecode onscreen. Shot for "Ambassadors of Cabrini."

Starts with footage of Cabrini and interviews with some of the Jesse White Tumblers, Jesse White, and Cabrini Green residents. Then footage of Byrne announcing her intention to clean up Cabrini. Then footage of the Easter celebration at Cabrini Green. A preacher claims God led Byrne to move to Cabrini, then Byrne humorously leads the crowd in religious songs. Also includes footage of protesters a few blocks away who were angry at Bryne’s policies towards African-Americans, who are promptly arrested by police.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape begins with a black screen.

00:07Copy video clip URL Cut to shots of Cabrini Green. A narrator talks about the neighborhood demographics and then Mayor Jane Byrne moving in to the area to help aid in stopping the violence in the area.

01:07Copy video clip URL State Representative Jesse White is interviewed about the Jesse White Tumblers, a gymnastics team. A young man named Derrick Barnett talks about the struggles in the neighborhood and his participation on the team. This section of the tape gets cut off by footage of an interview with a Hollywood actor.

02:20Copy video clip URL Cut back to an interview with Barnett and his mother. The two talk about some of the violence in the area. There is also footage of another Cabrini Green resident expressing her fear of the violence in the neighborhood and how it affects her children. “I just can’t stand it. I’m scared over here for my kids, because I stay in the house, but my children have to go to school and I will say I’m afraid over here.”

03:14Copy video clip URL The narrator talks about Mayor Jane Byrne moving into the area. There is a clip of Byrne addressing a neighborhood audience shortly after her move. Jesse White calls it a political move. He explains that he was very critical of her but that in the end he had to “eat his words.” This is followed by interviews with residents and city officials about Byrne’s moving into Cabrini Green. White states that when the Mayor moved into Cabrini Green she opened up “a new avenue of communication.”

05:13Copy video clip URL Mayor Byrne in Cabrini Green at an Eater celebration on her last day as a resident. A preacher addresses the crowd and states that Byrne had been sent by God to Cabrini Green. Mayor Byrne then addresses the crowd and leads them in song. Meanwhile, only a few blocks away a number of people protesting against Byrne are swamped by law enforcement officials and promptly arrested. It is an extremely chaotic scene. One woman violently screams, “Assassins,” as police officers detain and arrest a protester. A lawyer is seen asking officials about the charges against those being arrested only to be put in a paddywagon himself. A news commentator talks about the events that had just taken place, stating that there were no black law enforcement officials present. Activist Marion Stamps comments on the chaotic scene and Mayor Jane Byrne. “That woman wants to destroy black manhood in this city and all over this country. That’s why we came out here to protest what she was doing, because it’s wrong. She’s destroying the minds of our babies and our people.” The news commentator continues to talk about the event. Shortly afterward, the tape ends.

12:28Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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