[Jerry Springer Chicago City Council hearing]

Talk show host Jerry Springer appears in front of the Chicago City Council to address concerns over whether or not his show causes violence.

0:05Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a crowd on the street chanting for Jerry Springer. The camera man talks to one of the people walking who works security for the show.

2:56Copy video clip URL Cut to Jerry Springer talking to a group of reporters. They ask about his reputation and critics. He walks through a crowd that applauds him. As he walks, people ask him questions about the city council meeting. He goes into the room for the council meeting. Footage of people waiting and press before the meeting starts.  

11:12Copy video clip URL Cut to the start of the City Council meeting. Audio a bit difficult to understand. Springer and various city officials talk. They ask him questions about his work and character. Springer defends his television show. Audio still fairly difficult to understand, especially when multiple people talk at once. There are some arguments about the content of his show and violence. 

43:00Copy video clip URL Springer makes the argument that his show promotes the idea that violence is not a viable solution. Much of the audience is a vocal part of the discussion. They talk about injuries that happen on the show. 

57:00Copy video clip URL The council talks about the interaction of the show and the police and specific interactions with the show’s producer. They ask about whether or not the show is staged. They play multiple clips from his show in which people fight. They continue to discuss the legality of what happens on the show. 

1:13:00Copy video clip URL They discuss how his show interacts with the community. 

1:17:25Copy video clip URL The trial ends and the council leader reads the results of the meeting. Reporters try to talk to various people that were involved in the meeting. Everyone talks about whether things will change. 

1:22:30Copy video clip URL Springer says that he found the meeting very “interesting” and that he doesn’t think that this will really alter the show. Fans yell for Springer and approach him as they walk out. A reporter asks about the message of his show, and he reiterates that he show promotes the idea that violence is ineffective. He said he doesn’t know that this meeting accomplished anything, and talks about the political agenda of the meeting. He continues to reflect on the meeting and the press.

1:33:42Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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