[Jesse Jackson 1988 presidential campaign]

Reports on Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential campaign: 3/13, 3/15, 3/26, 4/5, 4/6, 4/14, 4/18, 4/20, 4/26, 4/28, 5/3, and 6/?.

00:00Copy video clip URL A report opens with Native American dancers. The report mentions Jackson’s victory in Alaska. Jackson gives a speech saying he stands with the people of Alaska. B-roll of Jackson at a support rally in Chicago. The journalist says Jackson is careful not to attack his Democratic opponents, but he focuses on the Republican leader and the war on drugs. A campaign supporter sings a song she wrote supporting Jackson to the tune of Tomorrow, from the musical Annie.

01:39Copy video clip URL Another report shows Jackson meeting with voters. His tour is grueling. Dukakis is ahead in the polls but not by much. B-roll of Jackson at a union hall in Indiana. The reporter notes support for Jackson by white voters is up 5 percent.

03:04Copy video clip URL Another report showing Jackson helping people vote in the 11th hour. He made six stops in and around Detroit encouraging people to vote. Dukakis congratulates Jackson on his campaign efforts. For Dick Gephardt the news isn’t good.  Not many are voting for him. Detroit mayor supporting Dukakis hasn’t helped Dukakis’s efforts in Detroit or in Michigan because Young is not popular.

04:43Copy video clip URL Another report shows Jackson in Flagstaff, Arizona. The reporter wonders if Jackson’s campaign has hit a wall. Jackson admits Dukakis has gotten a big boost. He says that his campaign continues and has grown in white supporters. Jackson complains that the count in Colorado is taking too long. People in Colorado defend their efforts by reminding the country they are remote. The reporter notes the next big test for Jackson is in New York.

06:18Copy video clip URL Jackson in Arizona. He notes this is a fifty-State campaign. You win some, you lose some. Jackson stresses the expansion of his supporters. He feels good about that. In New York he feels he has fewer barriers to break down because of the cultural mix.

07:57Copy video clip URL Another news report shows a Jackson commercial vowing to fight the war on drugs, produced by Spike Lee. Jackson says he is the general in the war on drugs. The report says one of George Bush’s responsibilities as vice president is to fight the war on drugs. Now he will be tested against the three candidates. Al Gore encourages stronger penalties for drug users. Dukakis says stronger penalties won’t help. Jackson calls for reducing demand and increasing treatment. Mario Cuomo, Governor of New York, says that the right candidate will be someone like Jackson who speaks out on the war against drugs.

10:36Copy video clip URL Jackson is meeting with Arab Americans. The reporter notes he has repeatedly denied meeting with Jewish groups. Mayor Koch, of New York, criticizes Jackson for his lack of interest in Jewish groups. Jackson says Koch’s comments are a political diversion. Many other politicians are perplexed by Koch’s attitude. B-roll of Jackson campaigning in New York City.

12:34Copy video clip URL Jackson campaigns and notes all the states they’ve won. But the reporter notes he could not win Michigan or New York, going head-to-head with Michael Dukakis and beaten badly. Jackson says he is  survivor and will continue. Dukakis now leads by more than 200 delegates. Aides says there’s no change in strategy. Everyone seems to admit the nominee is going to be Dukakis. The Koch debate continues. Many people won’t support Koch for re-election next year. Jacksons says because of Koch’s comments about Jackson and the Jews, it diverted the attention away from the real issues that need to be addressed.

15:09Copy video clip URL Another report shows Jackson in Ohio hoping to win the state. He addresses auto workers in Toledo. The reporter notes that Jackson new he would not do well in Pennsylvania, so took a quick trip to Washington, DC, for meetings at the State Department. Aides say Pennsylvania was  difficult state to win, but we’ll do better in Ohio. Jackson is optimistic. “Our campaign continues to grow!”

17:00Copy video clip URL Jackson continues campaigning. The report suggest he is losing, but that Jackson looks at it as modern day success stories. Reporter Gal Sheehy’s book, Character, looks at the character of this year’s candidates and focuses heavily on Jackson. She thinks he’s already won because he’s brought important issues to the forefront. Mario Cuomo echoes this thought, noting that no candidate has addressed the issue of drugs as consistently and intelligently as Jackson. Critics say that there’s not much under the surface of Jackson’s ideas on the drug war. Sheehy feels that Jackson was once an opportunist, but now he is changing into someone with more grace.

19:53Copy video clip URL Another report shows Jackson supporters in Washington, DC. Jackson insists the campaign continues. Polls show Jackson is behind in Ohio. The report notes that Dukakis has not done much campaigning in DC. Jackson, on the other hand, spoke at high schools and senior citizen homes. Jackson released his last four years of income tax returns, 200,000 in earnings each year. He’s paid 50,000 dollars a year in taxes.

21:59Copy video clip URL Jackson gives a speech in Illinois. Many people wouldn’t feel good if Jackson wasn’t on the Presidential ticket. The report shows how much Jackson is liked by voters.

23:32Copy video clip URL END



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