[Jesse Jackson and Harold Washington footage]

Footage of Rev. Jesse Jackson campaigning for Harold Washington during his 1983 campaign for Mayor of Chicago.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars. 

2:00Copy video clip URL Camera opens to Jesse Jackson onstage with Harold Washington. Washington speaks over applause. Cut to Jackson speaking at a different podium. He introduces Washington, who comes onstage to speak about his nomination for mayor. Audio cuts in and out.

6:00Copy video clip URL Choppy cut to footage of a man being sworn in. Choppy footage of Washington on stage at various venues. Jackson is often present, and speaks sometimes about why he supports Washington. Audio sometimes cuts out, and video sometimes pauses.

20:20Copy video clip URL Long stretch without audio. Jackson campaigning at a farm. Footage of him in a hospital. People play instruments in a classroom, still without audio. Jackson speaks onstage at various campaign events.

26:12Copy video clip URL Still frame. Video starts and audio returns. Jackson stands onstage with a group of men in matching suits. Cut to footage of Jackson at his mother’s house for a small get together. Celebration in a park; Jackson speaks from the pavilion. Kids chant “stop drugs, save jobs,” and then repeat everything that Jackson says for a moment. Some of the kids come up to the pavilion with him. 

35:10Copy video clip URL Footage of children doing karate for Jackson. A boy tries to break a board with his kick. People play music for Jackson. 

36:10Copy video clip URL Footage of Jackson at a high school. Brief footage of him speaking. Audio cuts out again. Jackson at an event for Washington. Short clips of Jackson speaking at various locations. Focus on a painting of Jackson and his wife. Audio cuts in and out. 

48:14Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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