[Jesse Jackson in Africa]

8 reports on Rev. Jesse Jackson's trip to Africa between 8-14-1986 and 8-25-1986.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video starts in mid-report. A journalist describes Jesse Jackson’s flight to Africa being diverted to London. B-roll of Jackson speaking at a press conference about a US-Africa policy.

00:20Copy video clip URL Jackson says he homes the nations can build a mutually beneficial relationship. The report continues about UK resident displeasure in Margaret Thatcher’s refusal to impose stiff sanctions against South Africa.

01:02Copy video clip URL Jackson tells a journalist he hopes his efforts in Africa will help Americans see that a American interest in South Africa is important. The reporter Jay Levine notes Jackson is cramming to learn about various South African nations, places many US politicians have never visited.

01:48Copy video clip URL Levine signs off.

01:49Copy video clip URL A second report from Nigeria. B-roll of various oil workers and foreign workers leaving the country. B-roll of Nigeria’s Foreign Minister predicting that this will be the epic struggle of this Century. Jackson is interviewed paying tribute to this sentiment.

02:26Copy video clip URL A journalist introduces a Chicago businessman, George Johnson, a producer of personal care products in Africa. He says he isn’t sure his company is going to continue to be able to operate on the basis of foreign exchange allotments. The Foreign Minister says the next two weeks, going to 8 nations to try and solve these problems, will be grueling. He adds that Jackson belongs to Chicago and the whole world.

03:27Copy video clip URL Levine signs off from Nigeria.

03:44Copy video clip URL A third report opens with b-roll of native African dancers in Angola, celebrating Jackson’s visit to improve relationship between the US and Africa.

04:43Copy video clip URL Levine reports that the discussion with foreign leaders is pleasing Jackson. B-roll of Angola ministers meeting with Jackson. The Foreign Minister says he’d like for Jackson to help Angola change its world image as a Soviet puppet.

05:27Copy video clip URL Levine reports that the Angolans are hopeful for a visit by US Senators and Congressmen.

05:48Copy video clip URL A fourth news report opens with a meeting between the Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, and Jackson. The Foreign Ministers ays Angola is not a base for Soviet expansionism. B-roll of native dancers celebrating Jackson’s arrival.

06:45Copy video clip URL Levine says Angola’s oil might be a good reason for US to build relations with Africa. However, much of the oil money in Africa is being used to fight a revolution lead by Savimbi.

06:56Copy video clip URL B-roll of Jackson meeting with foreign ministers. The Foreign Minister says that he is sure Jackson will do what he can to help relations between US and Angola.

07:20Copy video clip URL B-roll of Savimbi and his troops in the field. It’s reported he controls a third of the country. Angola can’t win a military strategy. A new strategy must be taken. Levin signs off.

07:36Copy video clip URL A fifth report opens with Jackson flying by helicopter to an oil rig jointly owned by US oil companies and Angolan government. He says the US can be Angola’s biggest and best trading partner,  but also one of it’s worst enemies. Levine notes the US workers on the rig hint to concern about the poor political relationship between the two countries.

08:30Copy video clip URL Levine notes that South Africa sent 9 army commandos to blow up oil storage tanks. 8 were killed. One survived and he was captured and says that the commandos attacked because the country supported black troops fighting the South African regime. He says South Africa is fighting for survival.

09:36Copy video clip URL A sixth report follows Jackson and the Angola President dos Santos. The President invites President Reagan to come to Angola and meet the people and the problems they face. B-roll of 300 Angola children in an orphanage. There parents were lost to the war. Jackson pledges to the kids that their parents are the last generation to die in this current war.

11:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of refugee huts. Levine reports that one reason the US is leery of helping is because dos Santos uses Cuban troops.

11:32Copy video clip URL A seventh report with b-roll of Jackson and the President of Mozambique. The President says his country need defense and security and support. He entertains Jackson and other Americans. He invites the US to visit the country.

12:28Copy video clip URL Levine reports that Mozambique is one of the 10 poorest nations in the world. B-roll of kids in a poor village. Jackson says they associate us with South Africa, people who are out to hurt them. B-roll of citizens getting their water from a well. Troops stand guard against South African attack. Jackson pledges to help the community.

13:50Copy video clip URL Levine signs off.

14:00Copy video clip URL Another report opens with a choral group singing in church. Jackson delivers a speech. The Zambia president appeals for US help for South African neighbors. He says he’s warned US and England that if steps aren’t taken hundreds of thousands of lives will be destroyed.

16:04Copy video clip URL Levine says Zambia hopes for diplomatic ties that could have a lasting impact. Levine signs off.

16:25Copy video clip URL END



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