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Reports between 6/5/1988 and 9/5/1988 on the impact of Rev. Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential campaign, the subsequent campaign to be selected as Michael Dukakis's running mate, and Jackson's speech at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.

00:00Copy video clip URL A news report opens with footage of Jesse Jackson at a Chicago restaurant during a media event. Actor Dennis Weaver makes an appearance. In Los Angeles, Jackson is shown at a Hispanic Leaders Breakfast. The mayor of Los Angeles sings praises for Jackson, but does not endorse him. An expert notes that Michael Dukakis is still in the lead.

01:11Copy video clip URL Jackson gives a speech and launches a voter registration drive. Jackson refuses to comment on news of his half-brother, Noah Robinson, being arrested for allegedly hiring someone to attack a witness who saw the murder of a business associate.

02:14Copy video clip URL Another news report shows Michael Dukakis dancing traditional Greek dance at a church in Los Angeles. He is leading the polls as a candidate for the Democratic National Convention. In a speech Dukakis reflects that the two leading politicians in t his race are a son of immigrant and a black man who grew up poor. “That’s what this country’s all about!”

03:16Copy video clip URL Interviews with attendees at a Dukakis rally. They say they’ll vote for Dukakis because the country needs a change.

03:30Copy video clip URL Church attendees in Atlanta sing gospel style. Jackson says voters must make a commitment. Dukakis, at a suburban Los Angeles high school, says he is reaching out to America’s young people. Jackson is shown in a radio station in a last ditch effort to reach voters. An expert says Jackson is behind in the popular vote and in the delegate vote. Jay Levine notes that it’s likely Dukakis will win the delegate vote and wrap up the nomination before the convention.

05:04Copy video clip URL Another news report. Jackson at a home for AIDS patients. In a speech he notes that “When I win, compassion wins … justice wins.” Supporters note that Jackson cares about the people. Jackson notes that South Africa as a terrorist state is a fact of life. Jackson continues fighting for issues that are important to him. Dukakis says he and Jackson will continue to work together no matter which of them wins the nomination for President.

07:06Copy video clip URL In another news report, media follows Dukakis is preparing to privately meet with Jackson. Dukakis does not comment on the meeting to the press. The next day, Jackson says we must take responsibility to do our part in the pursuit of victory, focusing on critical issues that will make a difference. Dukakis says they did talk about some positions for Jackson in his administration, should Dukakis win the Presidency. Jackson comments that he deserves to be considered for Dukakis’s Vice President because what he can bring to the ticket.

09:22Copy video clip URL Another news report begins. Voters hit the polling stations to vote for who will be the Democratic candidate to run for President. The report suggests that voter turn out is projected to be low, 40-percent of those registered. Dukakis says  he won’t think about who to select for a Vice President running mate until when and if he wins the nomination. The audio fades away towards the end of the report.

11:16Copy video clip URL In another news report, Jackson and Dukakis respectively are in the streets meeting voters up to the last minute of voting day. The report says Dukakis and Jackson are trying to iron out disagreements between them so they can work together. Jackson says he hasn’t decided yet if he would accept the offer to run as Vice President if he was offered the opportunity. Dukakis will take his time in deciding who to select as his running mate for Vice President.

13:11Copy video clip URL Dukakis makes an announcement. “California has put us over the top.” Dukakis speaks as though he has won the Democratic vote to run for President. Jackson says he is not ready to concede to Dukakis. The voting isn’t over yet. Dukakis says Jackson has done an impressive job in his running for the ticket. Jackson says he wants to work with Dukakis to build the Democratic ticket.

15:04Copy video clip URL A news report suggests that Jackson will not win the election. Jackson notes suggests that even if all he is offered the Vice President position on the Democratic ticket, that position is still a long way from where he started. The report runs down Jackson’s efforts throughout the campaign, his followers never reached the level needed to win. This might be the reason Dukakis would hesitate to have Jackson as a running mate. Jackson says he has earned the right to at least be considered for Vice President.

16:57Copy video clip URL In another news report, a rally in Atlanta finds Jackson urging voters not to give up the fight for their share of influence. “You can’t play a basketball game based on the shot you made or didn’t make in the first quarter, there are three more quarters to go.” Jackson insists Dukakis spell out details for the campaign ticket. When asked about the prospects of a black man winning the Presidency at some future date, Jackson says he came close to winning the chance to run for President, and if we’ve come this close just 23-years after winning the right to vote, it’s just a matter of time.

19:03Copy video clip URL Another news report shows archival footage of Jackson marching at a rally in 1968. Footage of Jackson speaking in 1968. Even after the death of his mentor, Martin Luther King, Jackson left his Atlanta group to start his own power base in Chicago. He notes his goals are to improve standard of living for blacks, motivate youth and increase opportunity for black businessmen. Today, his appeals are to a much broader audience such as the union officials he addressed recently. It is reported that Jacksons  ideas to include issues on an anti-drug program and the labeling of South Africa as a terrorist state will be accepted for debate at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta. His ideas to also debate upper income tax hikes, no first nuclear strike, and Palestinian self-determination will not be included. Jackson tells a crowd he was born in the slums, but he is going into the Presidential nomination race because the slums were not born in him.

22:20Copy video clip URL It is reported Michael Dukakis has won the Democratic ticket for the Presidential race. Jackson did not appear at the acceptance of Dukakis as Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Dionne Warwick sings, “That’s What Friends are For” at the DNC. Jackson says the upside is we got a lot of votes as runner up, it shows the expansion in our base. It’s reporter Jackson will join Dukakis tonight, but to say that the Dukakis camp and the Jackson camp are one is a bit too optimistic.

25:29Copy video clip URL Another news report shows Jackson and others at a meeting in Chicago with Mayor Marion Barry from Washington, DC, former New Mexican Governor Toney Anaya, to talk about legislation, voter registration, and Michael Dukakis.  Jackson says they are maintaining their expansion of his political organization. Jackson is not pleased that someone might be selling his DNC speech as a home video. The person distributing the video at MPI Home Video says he is doing it to bring news to the public the way network news bureaus do. Jackson says he and is family have received numerous threats against their safety. He is aiming for stronger security.

27:16Copy video clip URL A news report on MPI Home Videos’ release of Jackson’s DNC speech. The two sides will appear in court to determine if MPI’s actions are legal. Many people question whether or not a high publicized speech at such a high profile event could be considered private intellectual property.

29:04Copy video clip URL In another report, New York Governor Mario Cuomo is still in touch and in support of Jackson. New York mayor, Ed Koch, though made stinging comments about Jackson saying that he is hostile to Israel. Koch now says he wants to find common ground with Jackson.

30:46Copy video clip URL In another news report, Jackson and Koch are standing side by side at a news conference. Koch says he is proud to stand with Jackson in support of Michael Dukakis. It was organized by Mario Cuomo. Jackson says its our responsibility to focus on the real issues that will make a difference, and to stay above attacks on integrity.

32:19Copy video clip URL Dukakis arrives in Chicago and is greeted by local politicians to try and work together towards the Presidential election. A big rally of union workers appears in support. Dukakis says “the rich have gotten richer, the poor poorer, and those of us in the middle are getting squeezed.” However, in Philadelphia, anti-abortion supporters drowned out one of his speeches. Dukakis will appear in Niles, Illinois to target ethnic voters who have been voting Republican in recent times.

34:26Copy video clip URL END



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