Jiggles + North #1

0:03Copy video clip URL Open on black and white photos in 820 SportsRadio, The Score. The videographer wanders around the studio catching bits of other people’s conversations. Soon we can see a man in the middle of a live broadcast but we have no audio at this point.

6:25Copy video clip URL Audio returns but very little of interest is happening on screen.

8:12Copy video clip URL We then hear the show that is being aired for the first time. The men on the show talk about sports in general but with specific focus on Chicago.

36:37Copy video clip URL The two men take a break and interview with the cameraman.

46:50Copy video clip URL The men finish the broadcast but there is still a radio overlay of the camera audio such that we can hear the commercials after the radio show. They chat with the videographer but their conversation is not audible.

1:02:43Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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