Jimmy Walker 1978 Performance at Elsewhere

Video recording of Jimmy Walker's 1978 performance at Elsewhere blues club in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, shot in black and white.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening credits and introductory image to performance.

00:22Copy video clip URL Oversaturated video and poor audio quality of musical performance. Camera pans back and forth between Jimmy Walker playing piano and the other musicians on stage, including guitar, saxophone, and drum players. The camera zooms in and out on Walker, showing just him and then the whole stage. Walker gets up at certain moments to talk or interact with the audience, but the speech is unintelligible. 

17:58Copy video clip URL The other musicians leave the stage and another musician plays piano for Walker as he sings and talks to the audience. He tells them “I got it made…you don’t have to worry about me.”

20:59Copy video clip URL Walker moves a bench over the piano to play alongside the other musician. 

28:00Copy video clip URL Title card and cut to black.

53:54Copy video clip URL Camera angle changes to show Walker playing piano from a closer distance through a mirror on Walker’s right side.

58:20Copy video clip URL Grey transition in video from VHS tape malfunction.

63:47Copy video clip URL Walker introduces the other musicians to the crowd and talks to the crowd.

76:32Copy video clip URL Grey transition in video from VHS tape malfunction.

82:17Copy video clip URL Guitar player shown in mirror.

90:59Copy video clip URL Video cuts to black.



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