Joan Jett Blakk: Queer Nation’s Candidate for President, 1992

Uncut footage of an interview with Joan Jett Blakk, Queer Nation's candidate for president in 1992.

0:00Copy video clip URL Camera focusing, preparation.

01:41Copy video clip URL Joan Jett Blakk introduces herself to the camera. “We started this campaign by running for mayor of Chicago. Since there were no other queer candidates, I won!”

03:24Copy video clip URL “We had the New Deal president, we had the Great Society president…I’m going to be the Beauty president.”

05:22Copy video clip URL “The whole government is such a closed-shop affair…everyone has a voice, when I get elected.”

06:08Copy video clip URL Blakk talks about party-line politicians. “Republicans and Democrats–I think they’re all the same, myself. That’s why we have the Queer Nation party–it’s different, it’s just different…we’re gonna tell you exactly what we think. All the time.” Blakk plans to be the first president to take calls directly from constituents.

08:40Copy video clip URL Videomaker Bill Stamets asks, “How is a presidential campaign like a drag show?” Blakk responds, “It’s performance. It’s performance art. Presidential campaigns are nothing but orchestrated, rehearsed musical numbers.”

10:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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