[Politics of Intimacy: Joanne and Zabé]

This is raw footage shot for Julie Gustafson's documentary, "The Politics of Intimacy." In this seminal feminist video, ten women address the camera and seemingly each other in a wide-ranging exploration of such previously taboo subjects as women’s sexuality, power, and fears about intimacy. This interview is with Joanne Bauer & Zabé Rothschild. Originally shot in 1/2" B & W video.

00:00Copy video clip URL Two women in conversation. One woman talks about the first time felt overwhelmed by desire for another woman in the way she had or men. Some visual and audio distortion. 

00:34Copy video clip URL She muses about how being in a relationship with a woman might be different from her relationships with men. “I would feel much freer with my sexuality, sensuality, whatever. I just feel that I can be more trusting and giving with a woman.” Being able to be herself with women in a way that she’s not with men. Wanting to think of herself as bisexual. 

03:10Copy video clip URL Learning to experience sex without a goal. Freeing oneself.

06:00Copy video clip URL Enjoying masturbation.Thinking about other people during masturbation, but mostly focusing on the physical sensation. The physical effects of during masturbation and orgasm.

11:00Copy video clip URL The sensations after orgasm. 

12:20Copy video clip URL Her clitoris during arousal and during intercourse or masturbation. Mild worries that she’ll prefer masturbation to intercourse.

13:30Copy video clip URL The other woman compares her own experience of orgasm to the other woman’s. Differing sensations and thoughts during masturbation.

16:00Copy video clip URL Conversation from behind the camera about joy during masturbation. Ways to enjoy one’s own body and whether one can have passion towards oneself.

18:16Copy video clip URL The one woman talks about an affirming experience while nude modeling. Learning to be okay with touching oneself. 

20:24Copy video clip URL Talking to other women about masturbation. Being aware of roommates’ sexual and masturbation habits. 




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