[Jody Procter’s memorial service #1]

This video contains footage from a Jody Procter Memorial Event that took place in Los Angeles, CA in the mid to late nineties. We watch as filmmaker Tom Weinberg documents his trip and the memorial service.

00:00Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Tom Weinberg inside of his home in front of a mirror. Weinberg gathers footage from around his house before he leaves for Los Angeles, CA. This lasts for several minutes.

02:00Copy video clip URL Cut to black screen. This lasts for several minutes.

03:17Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from within Weinberg’s car as he drives to the airport. We also see footage from within O’Hare Airport. This lasts for several minutes.

05:30Copy video clip URL Cut to inside of Weinberg’s friend Nancy Cain who picked him up from LAX. The two make their way back to Cain’s home.

06:55Copy video clip URL Cut to inside of Cain’s home. Weinberg gathers some footage off CNN News coverage. Weinberg gets a few shots of Paul Krassner, Cain’s husband. The three relax for a little while before going out to dinner. The three eventually eat a light snack. They also watch a video a Procter reading Weinberg a birthday poem. This lasts for several minutes.

15:35Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from the following morning. Weinberg and Cain eventually take a walk near the beach. Weinberg gathers footage of Los Angeles residents enjoying the summer day. This lasts for several minutes.

22:03Copy video clip URL Weinberg signs some sort of petition to get a free bottle of water. He then continues to gather footage from in and around the area. Weinberg and Cain get directions to the Memorial Service from a friend. Weinberg ends up riding with the friend. The two share their thoughts on Jody Procter: his life, death, and how it effected the two of them. This lasts for a large portion of the tape.

39:40Copy video clip URL Weinberg and his friend arrive at the service. Weinberg begins to  document the event. Those at the Memorial play a little baseball in a large meadow near the Memorial service site. This lasts for several minutes.

44:09Copy video clip URL Weinberg speaks with Procter’s wife Kit about their former property.

44:39Copy video clip URL Cut to the beginning of the Memorial service. A group of close friends gather to honor the memory of their loved one. “We are gathered here today in memory of our loved one Jody. As we bless Jody on his way to his next experience, it is our desire that from now on we may never think of him as dead, but always think of him as a living soul continuing on the pathway of eternal life. We remember him today and celebrate his life, for in his special way, his life was a gift to all of us.” The woman then somberly reads a poem aloud.

47:23Copy video clip URL A woman reads an excerpt of a graduation speech that Procter had written for a ceremony that took place a week before he died.”One thing I’ve learned, and it should be so obvious, is that every day is unique surprising and precious…I may have been dealt what looks like a pretty bad hand, but in fact I’ve come to believe that it is exactly the right hand for me. Why I say this, I’m not exactly sure. But it’s a feeling that has come up very strong–a feeling that everything that happens is the right thing and that it happens in exactly the right way and exactly the right time.”

50:21Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain says a few words about her friend Jody. She solemnly reads aloud a few words she wrote about Jody shortly after his death in June. She shares a story about their work in the film world. Her words get cut off by the end of the tape.

52:07Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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