[Joe Cummings at WBBM #2]

Raw tape from the 1978 documentary "Overnight Man," which follows WBBM/Chicago radio news man Joe Cummings. Similarly enjoyable behind-the-scenes banter with Cummings in the WBBM studio.

0:01Copy video clip URL The camera opens on Joe Cummings sitting in the WBBM radio station. He is listening to an audio track. He talks with others in the studio about the context of the audio.

1:50Copy video clip URL The camera cuts and reopens on Cummings, still sitting at the desk. This time, he is announcing a commercial on the radio station. He then moves to talk about current events and news. He takes pauses to talk about pronunciation with others in the studio. The camera is very unsteady.

7:12Copy video clip URL The camera briefly shows another person sitting in the studio and helping with the sound. He shoots a different angle of Cummings as he continues to read, organizing his future sports segment. He talks with a caller.

15:20Copy video clip URL Cummings says to the camera that they must be bored filming him, and that they should go film a street vendor. He then directs them to film a shot of his producer and “mentor.” He continues to report and then prints something. Someone else in the studio and commercials alternate announcing with Cummings.

20:20Copy video clip URL Cummings leaves the recording room and talks to another man before making some coffee. He returns to the studio and prints something else.

22:41Copy video clip URL The video ends.



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