[Joe Cummings for Wild Chicago]

Raw tape of Joe Cummings driving up and down Madison Street on the West Side of Chicago. He talks about inner city problems and interviews a police officer and some men on the street. The segment was shot for Wild Chicago.

0:03Copy video clip URL The camera opens on Joe Cummings sitting in the passenger seat of a car and putting on a microphone. They are driving through the West Side of Chicago. He remarks about his history with this part of Chicago.

4:44Copy video clip URL He talks about Madison Street and experiences as a reporter and person living in Chicago. He talks about problems in the city, including employment and unused property.

14:40Copy video clip URL He talks a little bit about buildings damaged by riots, and how dealing with them now could create jobs, and then about what Madison Street was like when he first came to Chicago.

20:03Copy video clip URL “You never know what you’re going to see in Chicago; that’s the greatness of the city.” They pass Garfield Park. He talks a little bit about his marriage and family, which transitions to him talking about how black people are disenfranchised in Chicago.

28:56Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to black and reopens on a police officer standing on the road and putting a man in a police car. He comes over and talks to Cummings about Wild Chicago. They pull over and get out to talk to the officer.

31:30Copy video clip URL They talk about the arrest they saw him making when they pulled up and the the policeman’s experience as an officer.

33:20Copy video clip URL Cummings ask the man what the media could do to help policemen, and the man says he has not really thought about it. They talk about the work he is doing now.

35:40Copy video clip URL They move to the sidewalk and talk to some men on the street about Chicago. They sing a song for the camera as a group. The camera briefly films some girls who were walking by.

40:19Copy video clip URL The camera cuts back to Cummings riding in the car, talking about the West Side.

45:56Copy video clip URL He talks about the Chicago police force, and then returns to talking about the city and his experiences as a reporter. There is repeat footage from the beginning of the tape.

59:39Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Tape rewinds.

1:01:06Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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