[Joe Cummings Wednesday night #1]

Raw tape from the 1978 documentary "Overnight Man", which follows WBBM/Chicago radio news man Joe Cummings.

00:05Copy video clip URL Very low visibility nighttime scenes. Men stand around outside with flashlights. “They’re doing a documentary this week, about what’s going down.” “It’s called ‘What Happens in the Dark.'”

05:00Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings tests the walkie talkie, asking the woman on the other end if they have enough for a shot. He asks someone else if they got a good shot of the gun. Videomaker Tom Weinberg asks him what they’re doing and he clarifies: “We got an off-duty policeman who’s involved, driving a cab. A man and woman tried to stick him up. They fired a shot, hit the officer in the lower back…. The officer drew his gun, fired five shots. He thinks he hit one of the suspects. He thinks he hit the man. The man and woman fled out of the cab down an alley. Down this alley no doubt, they found the 38 snub nose. And a man turned up to Cook County Hospital. He’s got 2 or 3 bullet wounds in him. He’s in critical condition. He’s in surgery.” He continues talking about the events and their aftermath. 

07:05Copy video clip URL The alleyway near Randolph and Morgan. Low visibility. Weinberg observes “How many cars there? There must be ten cars?”

09:05Copy video clip URL Weinberg directs Cummings to turn on another light. He reports back on his walkie-talkie about the crime. They listen to the radio. The image has some tracking issues. 

13:20Copy video clip URL Cummings calls in his report about the crime over the car radio. “From the West Side, I’m Joe Cummings.”

16:01Copy video clip URL Cummings drives around as the two-way radio sends him an update about a possible incident involving “a female impersonator” for him to cover. 

18:0Copy video clip URL Cummings and Weinberg talk about restaurants on Maxwell Street. They drive around.Cummings telephones a “police source” for confirmation that the man in the hospital with gunshot wounds is the suspect in the shooting. He gets an update about the other suspect, possibly in custody. 



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