[Joe Cummings With The People rough edit]

A rough cut of a program that later came to be called "Fontano's."

00:15Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “JOE CUMMINGS With The People. October, 1983 (Rough Edit).”

00:24Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings addresses the camera: “If you recognize the voice, that’s because it’s mine. I’m Joe Cummings, former police reporter for over twenty years in the city of Chicago. Former administrative assistant under mayor Jane Byrne. Now I’m  a newsman trying to get back showing people that there’s neighborhoods in the city, and in the neighborhood there’s people that are very important.” Gives the example of Aniello Fontano of Fontano’s Subs and his family. 

01:11Copy video clip URL Aniello Fontano discusses his wife Gilda’s role in the grocery business: “Well she’s the backbone, are you kiddin’? … You could see she’s a hell of a tomato cutter. She’s a worker. She’s a housewife. She’s everything, everything in one, are you kidding?” Gilda talks about the business while furiously cutting tomatoes while holding them in her hand. 

02:37Copy video clip URL Aniello discusses the history of the business. 

03:20Copy video clip URL Gilda talks about her sons’ and daughter’s involvement in the business, and their plans for careers, while continuing to cut tomatoes. 



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