[Joel Andrews]

A demonstration of techniques for attuning chakras and speaking to one's inner selves.

00:02Copy video clip URL A man and a woman sit side by side in folding chairs. Not fully audible. 

00:53Copy video clip URL She demonstrates physical therapy techniques on him as he lies flat on his back. Blank stretch on video. 

02:13Copy video clip URL She continues her demonstration. Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” and audio static partially drown out her explanation. 

04:36Copy video clip URL The attendees at the workshop try out the techniques on each other. 

07:39Copy video clip URL The workshop leader discusses his “touch for health” system in which the therapists test out three different chakras “for balance.” 

09:35Copy video clip URL More demonstrations of techniques. 

14:01Copy video clip URL The leaders show more stretching and pressure techniques, with him lying face down. 

17:11Copy video clip URL The male leader holds his hands out in front of him and discusses “feeling” different colors and energy between the hands. 

18:04Copy video clip URL Discussion of karma and chakras.

20:57Copy video clip URL A video made for a chiropractor focusing on chakras to help his patience. Finding musical notes and colors that correspond to chakras. Further discussion of chakras. 

23:00Copy video clip URL Speaking to one’s own subconscious mind. Getting one’s subconscious to “serve the mind.”

25:52Copy video clip URL An exercise in which participants are asked to respond to music with their whole body, “and in fact with all of your bodies: your physical body, your etheric body, your emotions, and your mind. You want to allow this music to play you, like you’re the instrument.” The group lies perfectly still on the floor as drone-like harp music plays. 

30:58Copy video clip URL “Now we’re testing immediately after experiencing the healing tape, for the solar plexus, to see the effect of the music.” The instructors stretch and slightly adjust the positions of the participants, who are still lying on the ground. 

33:40Copy video clip URL A participant discusses the experience of the exercise, in which she felt like she was leaving her body. 

34:55Copy video clip URL Discussion of the music on the tape used in the exercise. Repetitious music providing a centering experience. 

37:41Copy video clip URL A participant’s experience of feeling as if a note of music was “coming out of me.” 

38:53Copy video clip URL An explanation of what the Andrews calls “the law of sympathetic resonance” that prevents us from hearing certain things. 

40:56Copy video clip URL Andrews demonstrates techniques on a participant while asking questions of “selves” inside of her, which he numbers 1-4 and which are different genders. “Because of decisions she’s made, because of things that have happened, it’s no longer optimum growth for this basic self to stay in this person. Therefore it gets permission from the high self to leave. It gets permission to go into someone else for the optimum pattern of the better growth.” Discussion of “ambigenic capabilities” and “attunements” of the different selves, which he puts in conversation with each other. The woman on whom he’s demonstrating stands perfectly still as he pulls on her arm and commands her to “resist” after each question to her inner selves. He then analyzes the results of his “arm tests,” which the participant hopes will help her to understand her recent difficulties “with the body and the chakras.” 

50:45Copy video clip URL Andrews does his arm test on the other arm. He asks her to tell the names of her inner selves by saying the first names that come to her mind while he tests her. They include Hazel, Byrd, Star, and Rose. He encourages her to talk to her inner selves, addressing them by name, when she’s having difficulties. He tries to pinpoint the moment at which the third inner self first entered her body, and decides that it was in February, confirming that date through another arm test. 

60:35Copy video clip URL Andrews asserts the usefulness of his methods for therapists. He then encourages the participant to say a loving goodbye to Rose, inner self #4, and to welcome in #3, Star. He points out the importance of cooperation among the selves. 

66:05Copy video clip URL A chakra is not an entity, he explains, but rather “a vortex of energy.” 

67:50Copy video clip URL The participants stand in a circle holding each other. 



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