Joel Klaff at Historical Society

Tom Palazzolo documents Joel Klaff's (aka Guy Taylor) performance art piece, "Guy Taylor's Fashion Fables", during a Chicago Historical Society Function.

0:07Copy video clip URL Camera surveys a large room filled with people from a balcony. Two guests ask where in the room the show will be.

0:51Copy video clip URL Camera follows Joel Klaff as he greets people and shakes hands.

2:30Copy video clip URL People in black and white striped outfits begin a performance in the center of the room. “Bill? Why don’t you show them what you got in that suitcase?” Bill shows a suitcase full of fake money signifying Big Business. Amanda opens a portfolio and shows “nothing but Guy Taylor sketches of the latest fashion trends!… Tonight you will see the ‘Guy Taylor Fashion Fables’.”

3:30Copy video clip URL The Bill and Amanda change their clothes and Amanda cues the “Prisoners of Fashion” tape

4:43 “Guy Taylor’s Prisoners of Fashion” show begins as performers dart down the stairs wearing white and black striped outfits

8:55Copy video clip URL Klaff places a globe over his head, and the performers lead him off of the platform

11:03 Cut to a crowd watching another art piece split across three screens in a separate room

13:24Copy video clip URL “A bit of a lull”

14:00 Another performance begins as a Klaff, in a bronze suit, leads a performer wearing a shiny red dress down the staircase.

15:19Copy video clip URL Klaff, addressing the performer: “Say goodbye to the people, Rosebud.”

16:10Copy video clip URL Performers in red and white striped outfits dance down the stairs followed by Klaff, still in his bronze suit. They proceed to perform in the raised platform in the center of the room.

18:48Copy video clip URL The camera turns to Klaff, who moves to get a better look at the performance.

19:29Copy video clip URL Performers begin to exit

20:11Copy video clip URL Klaff introduces the next performance

26:17Copy video clip URL Performance ends. Klaff: “Don’t go away because we have more fashion just for you!”

26:55Copy video clip URL Cuts to Klaff introducing the next performance: “… [Guy Taylor has] produced the ‘out of the house coats’ for the women of the world!”

28:40Copy video clip URL Klaff: “Watch out! Here comes the man on the move!” Performers waving flags and holding hubcaps descend the stairs.

30:42Copy video clip URL Klaff and performers exit

31:00Copy video clip URL Cut to new performance. Women holding pillows stand on the staircase, and a fluffy man descends past them. He is followed by other men in suits made of various unusual materials.

34:18Copy video clip URL “Comfort, by Guy”, repeated by Klaff as he hands out pillows to the audience. “Pillows, pillows, pillows; we can’t get enough pillows.”

36:20Copy video clip URL “Don’t drop the money, just find (fine?) the comfort!”

36:51Copy video clip URL Klaff and performers exit.

37:31Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to two people about to unveil something. “Who’s going to be the lucky person who gets their name engraved on the plaque of the ‘For Dearborn Suit’?”

38:34 Klaff calls numbers for winners

41:10Copy video clip URL Klaff finishes calling winners, and the camera surveys the crowd

42:27Copy video clip URL Klaff re-enters with some performers who jump and dance with him to a drum beat

43:30Copy video clip URL “I want to thank everybody for participating in this event and for making it such a success.”

44:10Copy video clip URL Palazzolo follows Klaff and the performers back up the staircase where they begin to change clothes and clean up backstage.

45:14Copy video clip URL Tom teases a woman named Susan about looking like a mannequin

45:45Copy video clip URL Klaff makes a few comments about the show then continues changing and cleaning up. Palazzolo records the backstage flurry.

51:28Copy video clip URL Palazzolo speaks to Klaff’s mother. “It was marvelous! If he can’t be president of the United States then he sure did a good job tonight doing this for Chicago.”

52:20Copy video clip URL Klaff speaks to a mother and her children

52:50Copy video clip URL More packing up. “This is not my wig. Whose wig is this?”

54:58Copy video clip URL “This is Chicago history right now. So get him on Channel 7 News” -Klaff’s mother

58:55Copy video clip URL “Okay, we’re done with the video taping now.” “We’re just sort of rolling out the tape.”

59:25Copy video clip URL Klaff’s mother sweeps up hay

1:00:15Copy video clip URL Palazzolo films some of Klaff’s static pieces, then goes out to talk to lingering people.

1:01:54 A writer introduces Palazzolo to Theodora and John Schaffer who plan to have a show on Fox

1:02:54 Video Ends



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