[John Callaway stand-ups]

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0:00 Man takes off on hang-glider over a cliff and water. John Callaway does an intro about man trying to fly and introduces interview with Jonas Salk.

1:15 John Callaway interviews John Cheever stand-up (in black and white).

2:12 Stand-up in black and white for John Cheever interview. Shows Walker Percy pictures of Cheever’s youth, and introduces segment on Cheever’s work at Sing-Sing Prison, and the book Falconer.

3:40 Stand-up for Howard Cosell interview mentioning Gary Deeb criticism.

4:53 Stand-up for art dealer Dr. Armand Hammer, who Callaway calls “a business artist.”


6:15 Callaway talks about Armand Hammer”s name, after the hero of Camille, and talks about trades Hammer organized for potash and phosphate between Russia and the US.

8:33 Callaway talks to Aaron Copeland about musical openness. Callaway introduces a segment about Copeland’s piano performance at the Hollywood Bowl, and Copeland’s film scores, showing a clip from The Heiress. Callaway begins to talk to Copeland about getting into the business of writing film scores.

13:16 Callaway talks to guest about Nixon.

13:52 END



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