Keeping the Faith

News special examining how Catholics hold on to their religion in the wake of sexual abuse scandals.

0:02Copy video clip URL Color bars. Cut to black. Video information screen.

1:24Copy video clip URL On screen text about the 2002 sexual scandal in the Catholic church. Several comments from members of the church about the jokes and rumors of pedophilia within the Catholic church. Carol Marin reports on the men being trained at Mt. St. Mary Seminary of the West in Cincinnati, Ohio, beginning by asking them why they would want to become priests in a time of scandal.

4:50Copy video clip URL Marin talks about what they must do to become priests, and interviews some of the men studying. They focus on a couple men, visiting their home towns, speaking to their families, and reporting on their lives and their decisions to become priests.

11:30Copy video clip URL Marin reports on the sexual scandal and talks with an archbishop.

12:20Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Return to segment. Marin continues to report on the backgrounds and processes of several men studying to become priests. Marin talks about their sexual histories and about how the church deals with sexuality. She talks about homosexuality within the clergy with some members of the church and some studying men.

21:45Copy video clip URL Ceremony of men becoming deacons, one step before becoming a priest. Brief cut to black and segment resumes. She reports on the daily activities in the seminary, including playing on a basketball team, hanging out at a bar, and playing music together. They talk about the way that priesthood has changed.

28:45Copy video clip URL Meeting within the clergy about the sexual abuse. Marin continues to report on the way things have changed in the church, and follow some of the instruction given to training priests in the seminary. Some of the training priests talk about how the sexual abuse has affected them as members of the church.

36:25Copy video clip URL One of the men who is almost ready to be ordained revisits his hometown. Marin talks with a man who made the decision to leave the seminary. Ordainment ceremony. Marin returns to talking about the sexual scandal and arrest of the archdiocese. Conclusion.

47:55Copy video clip URL Credits. Cut to black.

48:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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