[Klan Rally Springfield IL, 1994]

0:06Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a man talking to the press about allowances and access. He talks about an upcoming Klan rally, the logistics of it happening, and security restrictions. 

4:16Copy video clip URL Cut to outside the building. People set up camera and audio equipment. Rally can be heard in the background. 

6:22Copy video clip URL Cut to silent shots of a building and people walking. Camera approaches a group protesting the KKK rally.  

8:16Copy video clip URL Audio returns. Footage of the anti-Klan protestors. Footage of one of them speaking at a microphone and denouncing the KKK. 

14:16Copy video clip URL Footage of the KKK. Police detaining someone. The Klansmen stand on the steps of a building with signs and flags while music plays. 

20:08Copy video clip URL A woman speaks for the KKK. Protestors can be hear in the background. She introduces the other speakers for the group. 

23:10Copy video clip URL Another man comes onstage to talk about the history and beliefs of the KKK. Another man comes up and talks about racial superiority. Another man talks about the point of this rally. 

31:34Copy video clip URL Reporters ask questions to the last man who spoke. They talk about MLK Jr. They talk about violence and the counter protestors. 

37:53Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

38:24Copy video clip URL Open on an art gallery. A man and a child come up to a podium. He thanks everyone for coming and calls up a couple people to thank. Focus on the gallery name: “Dennis Manarchy: The Other Side of the Moon.” 

42:14Copy video clip URL A woman comes up and they announce that the auction is starting and how it works. She says that all of the profits will be going to two different homeless charities. A man comes up to talk about one of the charities. 

45:10Copy video clip URL The auction starts. Footage of the crowd and some of the art while the auctioneer continues. 

55:07Copy video clip URL Auction ends. Footage of the party.

55:45Copy video clip URL Cut to a musician playing guitar and singing in a church. A woman joins him.

59:53Copy video clip URL Cut to a man preaching.

1:02:27Copy video clip URL The congregation sings together. Cut back to a man speaking and leading a prayer. 

1:04:46Copy video clip URL An attorney speaks to the congregation about controversy over a picture on display at the Art Institute. The other man comes back to the podium and speaks. 

1:17:00Copy video clip URL A man in the congregation stands up and yells at the speaker almost unintelligibly.  

1:17:40Copy video clip URL Another attorney comes to speak. Cuts between different parts of people speaking about current racial issues. 

1:26:48Copy video clip URL Woman singing. Another woman speaks about Chicago. Another man talks about the NAACP.

1:38:53Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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