[KTLA anniversary show]

Anniversary show for the station with clips from classic programs.

0:00Copy video clip URL Program opening.

1:47Copy video clip URL Clips from “The Jazz Singer.” History of the creation of television.

2:25Copy video clip URL Early newsreel showing early television makeup.

2:50Copy video clip URL Early television broadcasts of KTLA Channel 5.

4:30Copy video clip URL Bob Hope talks about early television. Early television broadcasts.

8:06Copy video clip URL 1936 Olympic broadcasts. Klaus Lansberg, early television man. Station W6XYZ established. Early home shopping program.

10:04Copy video clip URL Eddie Resnick, early cameraman talks about his work at the station. Pray Marco was a show similar to the lottery. Mike Stokey’s Pantomime Game Time, a show like pictionary. 1949 first Emmy Awards at Hollywood Athletic Club. Pantomime Quiz won best show.

12:09Copy video clip URL Shirley Dinsdale with Judy Splinters (puppet) talks about winning first Emmy for most entertaining personality. Six awards were given at this first Emmy Awards show, and four went to KTLA. List of stations and when they began.

13:37Copy video clip URL The Marshall of Gunsight Pass, early Western show. Clip from 1949. Al Jarvis, former radio disk jockey, had talk show with Betty White. Yer Ole Buddy, early comedy show. Clip from 1948. Bud Stefan talks about the show. Bill Welch did early sports shows. Talks about how many lights were needed in the studio due to the low sensitivity of the cameras.

18:07Copy video clip URL Music and variety shows. Steve Allen talks about variety shows and venues in Santa Monica. He shot the shows that took place there.

25:10Copy video clip URL Frosty Frolics, an ice skating show from Pasadena with host Stan Chambridge. Musical Adventure with Korla Pandit clip. Pandit talks about the show. Larry Finley talks about program he did called “Sell-a-thon.”

30:42Copy video clip URL The Johnny Otis Show from 1960. Steve Allen talks about clip from 1962 from his show that involved a lot of pie throwing. Show called Melody Ranch with Gene Autry. Autry talks about how he changed the station after he bought it. Liberace show from 1951, Carson’s Cellar from 1952.

34:57Copy video clip URL Early KTLA commercials.

36:03Copy video clip URL Sponsor info.

36:17Copy video clip URL Dinah Shore show from 1951 with Chevrolet ad. Shore talks about her early television days. Segment on “reality shows.” 1949 clip from City at Night. Ken Graue talks about the show, which was completely improvised and live. John Polich supervised the show; he talks about it.

39:05Copy video clip URL Handy Hints with Dick Garten and Dorothy Gardiner. Hollywood Reel, which looked at stars. Clips of Barbara Bel Geddes and Ronald Reagan. Shore talks about early videotape programs, such as Emergency Ward and the Jack LaLanne show, an exercise show from 1958. LaLanne talks about the early resistance to his program. He claims to be the first to get athletes and women to work out with weights. Seven Keys, an early game show from 1960. Jack Narz talks about the show.

44:19Copy video clip URL Adventures in Hypnotism, a live program where people get hypnotized. Emile Franchel was the host/hypnotist. Ralph Story’s Los Angeles from 1965, a public service program. Hal Style’s Help Thy Neighbor. The Baxters, hosted by Steve Edwards, clip from 1979.

47:30Copy video clip URL Scared Straight, a documentary hosted by Peter Falk where juvenile delinquents are confronted by prisoners, from 1978.

48:30Copy video clip URL Stan Freeberg talks about children’s programs. Time for Beany, puppet show from 1949. Daws Butler, one of the puppeteers, talks about the show. Sandy Dreams, first show with written script. Space Patrol from 1950. Tim McCoy show with Native American actor, Iron Eyes Cody. Playcrafters Club from 1954. Ding Dong School from 1960.

55:22Copy video clip URL Cartoon Express with Engineer Bill. Bill Stula talks about the show. John Rovick talks about his role as Sheriff John. Shebang! With Casey Kasem. Clip of The Doors on the show.

1:03:55Copy video clip URL Freeberg claims he got a letter saying that Time for Beanie was Albert Einstein’s favorite show.

1:04:40Copy video clip URL Commercial for Calvin Klein’s Obsession for men cologne. Commercial for Toyota dealers of Southern California. Ad for Disneyland. Ad for Derma-Safe laundry detergent.

1:06:51Copy video clip URL Hal Fishman news at ten story promo. Ad for Disneyland Circus Fantasy 87 and Carl’s Jr. Ad for Columbia Savings. Ad for British Airways. Ad for Renault Medallion.

1:09:10Copy video clip URL Section on sports with Dick Enberg at the Olympic Auditorium. Destruction Derby, Roller Derby, Moto Polo clips. Bowling for Dollars show clip from 1970. Wrestling clips from 1950. Sports Stars on TV. The Tablehopper clip from 1959. Miss Universe Pageant clip from 1956.

1:18:30Copy video clip URL American Express ad. Ad for Ralph’s supermarket. Ad for Pan Am airlines. Ad for Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream. Ad for Campbell’s soups. Ad for Southern California Hyundai Dealers. Ad for Jack in the Box restaurants.

1:22:22Copy video clip URL Hal Fishman at atomic test site in Nevada talks about news coverage . Footage of TV coverage of the test. Klaus Landsberg set up the coverage. Clip from War of the Collosal Beast. Stan Chambers, news reporter for over 40 years. Cleve Lansberg talks about watching his father direct television shows. Various newscasters relate anecdotes.

1:36:48Copy video clip URL George Putnam talked about the early days at KTLA. Other newscasters talk about the early days of television.

1:38:53Copy video clip URL Section on weathermen. Jim Hawthorne talks about the first weather broadcasts. Dr. George Fishbeck talks about his forecasts. Pat Sajak talks about being a substitute weatherman, which eventually led to his being asked to host the Wheel of Fortune show.

1:41:52Copy video clip URL Ad for Oppenheimer Mutual Funds. Ad for Renault Medallion. Ad for Blue Cross of California. Geraldo Rivera does ad for show called Innocence Lost. Sponsor info. Ad for American Express. Ad for Ralph’s supermarket.

1:46:24Copy video clip URL Clip from “The Jazz Singer.”  Information about KTLA’s current situation. They were just purchased by the Tribune Corporation. There is a list of events that they plan to cover and a promo for the night time news. Shots of old studios and what they are being used for now. Montage of shots from early programs with Simon and Garfunkel song.

1:51:33Copy video clip URL Tape ends abruptly.



  1. Diane Nassir says:

    Fabulous-I remember back to 1947! Thank you!

  2. Warner McIntire says:

    I recall the game of Moto-polo played, probably on KTLA, Los Angeles in the early 1950’s. Does anyone recall this or have any evidence of same?

  3. James Rogers says:

    James Rogers Can a copy of the KTLA anniversary show be purchased? DVD preferred. 03-26-2018

  4. Ted Shepherd says:

    I think I remember Betty White on television in Los Angeles around 1949 (when I was about 9). She may have read the weather news. As Warner wrote in 2016, “Does anyone recall this or have any evidence of same?”

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