Friday Night With Steve Edwards: Jesse Jackson and David Duke

Friday Night with Steve Edwards TV show. Features a debate between civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and head of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke.

00:03Copy video clip URL Intro for Friday Night with Steve Edwards. He gives a brief overview of the show’s programming, which includes guest Jesse Jackson and a discussion with the head, David Duke, of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. He gives a history of the KKK over footage of KKK activity.

3:12Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

 3:45Copy video clip URL Show returns. Edwards introduces Jackson and Duke. Duke speaks about his leadership role, and Edwards questions other leaders within the national KKK organizations. Edwards asks them if they would shake hands if they met in another context, and they both say yes. Jackson speaks about his belief in unity within the “human family.” Duke begins to speak about his ideas about white culture and its interactions with other cultures. Jackson speaks about American democracy, the protection of individual rights, and cultures learning to exist together.

10:53Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

11:30Copy video clip URL Show returns. Duke responds to Jackson’s thoughts, arguing that all the structure of America was built by white people. He says that he does not advocate white superiority, but that he wants to maintain separate cultures. He speaks about cultural differences as he sees them. Jackson responds with a discussion on the origin of Christianity. He then moves discusses differences in opportunity between races. They debate voting history. 

20:10Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

20:30Copy video clip URL Show returns. They continue discussing the history of voting rights, and racial inferiority in history. They talk about Thomas Jefferson, and what his opinions would be on modern day racial issues. Duke talks about discrimination against white people in today’s society.

28:45Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

29:12Copy video clip URL Show returns. They continue talking about the current state of rights and discrimination in the United States. Duke attributes the ‘successful’ position of black people in the United States to the existence of slavery. They talk about unemployment rates, and integration in schools.

36:38Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

37:04Copy video clip URL Edwards asks Duke what he would do with black people if he could, and he says that he would seek out voluntary separation of the races, and stop the government for stopping integration. Jackson says that he wants for a system that will bring healthcare to all people. Edwards asks Duke how he would feel if a black man was elected president, and he says he wouldn’t like it and he thinks that it would be “improper.” Jackson talks about Duke’s misunderstanding of the United States as a fundamentally white country. They speak about Christianity.

43:28Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

43:51Copy video clip URL Edwards asks Duke how many members they have. He says that they don’t give out membership figures but says they have lots young people in the organization. They talk about indentured servitude vs. slavery. He denies the KKK burning crosses.

51:25Copy video clip URL Commercial break; cut to black.

51:57Copy video clip URL Edwards asks about contradictory information about who is the national leader of the KKK. He reads a quote from a magazine about how Duke is not in charge, and that he’s “only in it for the money.” Duke denies this. Jackson says that black people are not afraid of the KKK anymore, that “neither race has a monopoly on  human virtue,” and that they need to move towards unity. Duke says that since integration, the world has become more violent since integration, and urges people to write to him for more information. 

55:42Copy video clip URL Show ends. Credits. Cut to black.

56:44Copy video clip URL Opens on a team of news anchors rehearsing for a broadcast. They speak about sports and weather. They close the show. Credits. Commercials. Intro sequence for the show “Eight is Enough.” Cut to black.

1:02:13Copy video clip URL Tape ends.  



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