[Dadaday! #2]

Footage from "Dadaday!," a celebration of the Dada art movement on its 60th anniversary, in Buffalo, NY. Including performances by Sally Rubin, Eberhard Blum, Jan Williams, and Donald Knaack.

00:44Copy video clip URL Donald Knaack performs “Erratum Musical,” a composition by Marcel Duchamp, on an unconventional musical apparatus with chimes, bottles, and glass. [Performance begun on previous tape.]

09:10Copy video clip URL Eberhard Blum introduces the next performance, a reading of a piece by Marcel Duchamp titled “Rendez-vous du Dimanche Fevrier.” 

10:00Copy video clip URL Sally Rubin reads Duchamp’s piece. 

14:42Copy video clip URL Blum, Knaack, and Jan Wilson perform Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate.” 

16:23Copy video clip URL Blum performs Schwitters’ “The Real Disuda of the Nightmare.”

19:03Copy video clip URL Blum performs Schwitters’ “Ursonate.” 



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