La Escuela (español)

Lionel Quintanilla de Estelí habla de sus experiencías como un alumno pobre y sus esperanzas por sus hijos bajo la revolución. / Lionel Quintanilla from Estelí, Nicaragua speaks about his experiences as a poor student and his hopes for his children after the revolution.

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00:05Copy video clip URL Lionel Quintanilla talks about his youth under Somoza’s rule of Nicaragua. He now participates in the regional administration of the C.D.S. He says that the number of students who are enrolled in school is higher now than it was during Somoza’s dictatorship. He is proud of what they accomplished through their revolution, and that now they have a leadership that represents the public interest.

02:40Copy video clip URL Quintanilla talks about the poverty of his childhood. His family often did not have enough money to eat well. Quintanilla attended public school, but his poverty caused problems for him at school – many of the other children did not treat him well. Teachers often used corporal punishment at the schools, although Quintanilla says that the situation has improved and that they are trying to establish more progressive education practices.

07:21Copy video clip URL Quintanilla says that he and other students in his situation felt that they were condemned to always live that life. In desperation, he decided to burn down the school. He was sent to a different school, and they never discovered that he was responsible for burning the school.

09:56Copy video clip URL Quintanilla is hopeful that education will be much better in the future, and believes that it is important to keep working for the benefit of the public.

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