Ladies Home Journal

This tape is a collection of short experimental video pieces shot by women in the early seventies.

00:00Copy video clip URL This video begins with a blue screen.

00:21Copy video clip URL “Winter Rides” by Sarah Linquist. A collection of exterior shots of a winter countryside accompanied by ethereal vocal melodies and synths. The audio is a bit rough throughout this portion of the tape.

05:06Copy video clip URL “Geodesic Dome” by Natalie Hau. A group of people climb an over sized jungle gym on a winter day in the country. The piece is comprised of shots from under the jungle gym and is accompanied by eccentric, off-color music.

08:38Copy video clip URL “September 2” by Dinah Lehove. A piece comprised of various shots of old, broken down cabins and horse carriages. Creepy music and whispering can be heard in the background.

13:00Copy video clip URL “You’re So Vain” by Becky Nordstrom. A woman sits in front of her bedroom mirror trying on a number of different hats as Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” plays in the background.

16:44Copy video clip URL “Sam Out The Window” by Lissy Gregory. Sibblings Sam and Lissy travel up to the roof of their house. Sam documents each part of the process, eventually tripping and presumably falling off of the top of the house. The tape ends the moment he begins to fall.

19:29Copy video clip URL “Falling Down” by Martha Miller. A piece consisting of numerous shots of people falling down on a college campus. The video is fairly poor throughout this portion of the tape. 22:42Copy video clip URL “Good Morning Heartache” by Carol Andrew. A woman lip synchs a Diana Ross song. The two videomakers also gather more random footage.

27:40Copy video clip URL “Madness” by Chris Baldwin. Cut to footage of Richard Nixon’s acceptance speech after the 1972 Presidential Election. The piece also includes footage from various television programs and of the 1952 bombing of Hiroshima.

31:43Copy video clip URL “Dog Repair” by Judy Kredginowski. A short clip of a dog having a splinter removed from its paw. The dog remains very calm throughout the process.

32:46Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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