Las Vegas Tapes Revised

The Las Vegas Tapes. A 1976 look at the city and those who flock to it.

00:06Copy video clip URL Man in restaurant talks to videomaker Scott Jacobs about videotape techniques.

00:51Copy video clip URL Titles. Assorted clips of people and places in Las Vegas. One woman says, “I came in a Cadillac, and now I’m going back on the Greyhound Bus.” Other people talk about their wins and losses.

2:31Copy video clip URL Man talks about why people go to Vegas. He attributes it to tourism, relief from tension, and the lights, “but here is one thing I would like to stress… Beware, beware of con games and false rumors and quick bag tricks.”

03:31Copy video clip URL Shot of Hare Krishnas on the Las Vegas streets.

03:48Copy video clip URL Guy who does magic tricks talks about his strategies for his shows. He admits it is a con game, and explains it is important to draw a crowd.

04:55Copy video clip URL Stripper talks about her job. She is called “Toye” and says she is a topless dancer, and she’s been in Las Vegas for 8 years, she likes “the men and the money.”

05:51Copy video clip URL Old women at slot machines. Man with cigar wins at the machines, and scoops his quarters into a cup. He says that the key to winning is believing you’re going to do so: “Thought creates reality. Let’s do it again!”

08:20Copy video clip URL Woman in wheelchair plays a harmonica on the street for money. She also sells assorted objects, like food tickets or cards. She says no one ever comes to Vegas only one time, and it’s a good town for a vacation.

10:16Copy video clip URL Morning outside, with a news program in the soundtrack. The magic show, slot machines. Videomaker Valjean McLenighan asks a man why people gamble: “It’s the greedy part in them, trying to get a few nickels for nothing.” Another woman complains about the division of wealth in this country. We see the woman in the wheelchair again, and another man says, “Luck is a fleeting thing.”

13:00Copy video clip URL Man from beginning talks about being involved in the movies. He mentions the first Technicolor film, and says he has been in background shots. Woman talks about waiting on Ann Margaret, who she sent to George Burns. The tape goes back and forth between the two.

15:44Copy video clip URL Night. Driving exteriors. We talk to three people, two of whom are very young and on a lot of drugs. Then we talk to a man about how he’s been doing with his gambling, and he collects gambling tokens.

18:13Copy video clip URL We talk to the stripper again, who tells us dancing is “easy money.” She seems to sincerely like her job and wants to become a professional stripper. She has worked as a maid, but she always returns to dancing. We see her dance briefly. Then we turn back to the two youth, who give us their opinions on the Las Vegas police. One says he is an ex-convict and he has found the Las Vegas police department is one of the nicest. There is a montage of the dancer and bright lights in Las Vegas.

21:57Copy video clip URL Paramedic talks about the woman they are picking up. She had “casino syndrome” – a common problem. People forget to eat, sleep, take medicine and they collapse. The two youths, who admit they are at least drunk, interview some Japanese tourists. We also see the end of the magician’s show.

25:37Copy video clip URL Interview with the magician in a restaurant. He explains that he just needs to make money, and might leave soon to go back to the fairs. The stripper says she would want to be an actress. Another man says that this is the only vice he indulges in.

28:02Copy video clip URL Credits, with the woman playing harmonica.

28:50Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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