[Lawrence Jenco release]

The first two news reports cover the release of Reverend Lawrence Jenco, who had been held captive by Islamic terrorists in Beirut for 19 months. The third news segment reports on the Reykjavík Summit, where talks between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev collapsed at the last minute.

0:05Copy video clip URL This news segment reports on the release of Rev. Lawrence Jenco. 19 months prior, Jenco had been taken hostage by Islamic terrorists in Beirut while working as the director of Catholic Relief Services. Jenco is shown being reunited with his family upon his return. Elizabeth Brackett speaks to his siblings John and May, who say that Jenco’s health was a major factor in his release. John speaks about the conditions of Jenco’s confinement and how he made his way back after his sudden release. Brackett speaks to US ambassador Robert Oakley, who says the US is concerned about the terrorists’ vow not to release more hostages.

8:23Copy video clip URL This news report covers Jenco’s first public statement after his release. He directly addresses his captors as well as the remaining hostages. Before Jenco and his family return to the United States, they plan to meet Pope John Paul II and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Jenco and his family are fatigued, but they are determined to continue fighting for the release of all the hostages.

12:44Copy video clip URL This report covers the Reykjavík Summit, a meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev presented a surprising proposal to eliminate 50 percent of all strategic arms. Brackett speaks to participant Max Kampelman, who describes the moment when he began to suspect the negotiations were falling apart. The deal dissolved at the last minute after Gorbachev proposed a change to the Strategic Defense Initiative that Reagan could not accept. Brackett speaks to Russian adviser Georgi Arbatov, who blames the lack of agreement on Reagan’s advisers.

17:29Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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