Libertarian Sci-Fi: Tape 2

Raw footage of the 1991 Libertarian Party convention in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Short scenes from “World Science Fiction,” a libertarian-themed sci fi pageant put on at the Libertarian National Convention.

17:25Copy video clip URL Don Ernsberger, a member of the Libertarian National Committee, talks to videomaker Bill Stamets about the significance of the convention being broadcast on C-SPAN for the first time. “Personally, I see the next ten years to be a period of time where the Libertarian party catches on with the American people.”

19:53Copy video clip URL Ernsberger explains how American politics favors a two-party model. The Republican and Democratic parties can afford huge legal staffs to fill out FEC paperwork, whereas Libertarians and other third-party candidates have to spend an enormous amount of time jumping the same hoops as well as petitioning for ballot access. Additionally, incumbents have franking privileges, which allow them to send out campaign materials to their constituents free of charge. “It’s our belief that franking privilege be eliminated, the FEC should be abolished, and the political process be opened up to a variety of parties that would give the American people lots of choices, not just two.”

20:55Copy video clip URL The camera pans over Libertarian books and merchandise for sale at the convention.

25:27Copy video clip URL Bill Stamets interviews Andre Marrou, the Convention’s presidential nominee. He asks Marrou how he would pitch Libertarian party membership to Republicans and Democrats. “We let people do what they want to do with their own lives, with their own bodies, their own money, their own time.” Marrou then talks about mainstreaming the party through television.

31:00Copy video clip URL Party volunteers count votes for Marrou’s running mate.

34:05Copy video clip URL Vice-presidential nominee, Nancy Lord, addresses the delegates.

36:38Copy video clip URL Dick Boddie, who ran unsuccessfully for president and vice president, makes a speech. “I am not a politician,” he says, to thunderous applause. “I am a communicator.”

38:03Copy video clip URL Stamets interviews Boddie, who hopes to run for Congress after the convention. He talks about meeting Jesse Jackson and Mohammed Ali–“I know I have that potential as a charismatic leader.” He believes his charisma will help the Libertarian Party succeed in the media despite the party’s distrust of news outlets.

51:23Copy video clip URL Stamets interviews a man representing the Grassroots Party, which supports the industrial use of hemp. “We hope to draft Willie Nelson as a presidential candidate.”

53:02Copy video clip URL Stamets interviews Nancy Lord. “Most of the governmental red-tape and intrusion falls down on women,” she explains. She talks about her run for mayor in DC, and reports being surprised at voters’ positive response to unpopular libertarian positions on the elimination of homeless shelters and welfare.

01:03:12Copy video clip URL Timothy Leary talks to a small crowd of convention-goers about the role of youth culture and protests in the Cold War era. The talk is followed by a group discussion headed by Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.

01:17:53Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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