A dub of an infomercial about a corporation called Lifelink that functions as an adoption agency and provides various services for seniors.

00:01Copy video clip URL Lifelink title screen.

00:19Copy video clip URL Lifelink introduction: “A link between people.” “A link between young and old” — a coroporation that has health, housing, and human services for the young and the elderly.

01:27Copy video clip URL Interview with an employee, and families about the benefits of adoption through Lifelink.

02:23Copy video clip URL Shots of children while a voiceover explains the services of the corporation. They have services for low income families, homeless international children, and children with special needs.

03:06Copy video clip URL Elderly people talk about the living at Lifelink.

03:55Copy video clip URL The voiceover shows senior living communities, and the services offered.

04:33Copy video clip URL An elderly woman talks about the personal care offered. An employee: “Caring is the most important thing.”

05:15Copy video clip URL The voiceover talks about community interaction; they have a nutrition site that serves food to the elderly, for instance.

05:47Copy video clip URL The president of the Lifelink corporation, J. Rex Pippin, discusses the origins and mission of Lifelink.

06:35Copy video clip URL The construction site for the Senior Housing Project in Arlington Heights, and a Bensenville banker speaks about financially supporting the project.

07:43Copy video clip URL The president, discussing the future: “We’re rooted in the communities we serve.”

08:13Copy video clip URL Back to the banker, who speaks about the use of their money by Lifelink, over footage of children and elderly assisted by Lifelink.

08:57Copy video clip URL A conclusion by the voiceover: “we’re here to help, to teach, to heal, and above all else, to care.”

09:24Copy video clip URL A series of disclaimers, including this one: “Lifelink Coroporation and Bensenville Home Society are related to the United Church of Christ.”



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