Like Father, Like Son

Two Generations of Mayor Daley and the Development of Chicago

2:30Copy video clip URL Like Father, Like Son report begins. 

3:25Copy video clip URL Richard Joseph Daley rose his hand and was sworn in. His son Richard Michael Daley followed in his footsteps, 34 years later. They were both were elected six times.

4:25Copy video clip URL Carol Marin speaks on the significant development of Chicago, listing the lakefront, the bean and more. Rev Jesse Jackson is interviewed. 

4:38Copy video clip URL Bridgeport is featured. 

5:26Copy video clip URL Daley runs for State Attorney. He loses. He runs again six years later and wins. 

6:45Copy video clip URL In 1995 Daley asks for and wins control of the schools. 

7:23Copy video clip URL Richard Michael Daley is interviewed. 

9:30Copy video clip URL Anti-War protests in Grant Park. Police brutality is thought to have defined Daley rather than his 21 years total.

14:15Copy video clip URL Richard M Daley leaves office.

16:40Copy video clip URL Lois Wille, Journalist is interviewed. 

17:43Copy video clip URL Differences in personal lives. 

23:20Copy video clip URL End of Tape.





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