[Lili’s birthday and Christmas in McHenry]

This tape contains footage of a Christmas and Birthday party in 1976 in McHenry, Illinois. Lilian Bender was celebrating her 70th birthday with her family. The tape is a quintessential representation of Christmas in the Midwest.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:32Copy video clip URL Valjean McLenighan tests out the camera equipment and explains what she’ll be shooting. The date is December 18, 1976.

00:53Copy video clip URL McLenighan and her mother, Wanda, arrive at the Christmas/Birthday celebration. They are greeted by a young girl. Once inside, McLenighan records the family working in the kitchen. This lasts for several minutes.

03:03Copy video clip URL Wanda humorously poses for the camera. A teenage boy eats a few cashews. Wanda serves the teenager’s father some nuts.

05:10Copy video clip URL The family begins to open gifts, joking with one another and getting excited about the gifts they’re receiving.

07:45Copy video clip URL The father shows off a “pill bag” he received for Christmas. He goofs off for the camera.

09:55Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Lilli Bender petting the family dog. She opens her birthday and Christmas gifts. The teenage boy shows off his brand new Bay City Rollers record. Bender then slowly opens her gifts. The teenage boy gets excited over receiving Civil War stamps from McLenighan. Bender jubilantly shouts out loud after receiving a gift certificate to Elizabeth Arden. This lasts for several minutes.

15:52Copy video clip URL Wanda shows off an ornament she received from the young girl, Kim. Wanda and Lilli eventually share a heartfelt kiss.

16:34Copy video clip URL Bender blows out the candles on her cake before the family gets a chance to sing “Happy Birthday.” They then relight the candles and sing her the birthday song. The tape ends shortly afterward.

18:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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