[Love Family 7: Ranch / Evenson Family by the side of the road / Santa Fe]

Footage of the Love Family in tents, eating a meal, followed by footage of Dean and Dudley Evenson and their children by the side of the road and in a Santa Fe apartment, from which they film the sunset.

00:00Copy video clip URL The Love Family is gathered in a field, cooking a meal under a tent. Their buses line the field. 

01:18Copy video clip URL Inside a tent, the family members make a droning sound together, then go silent. They sit around, mostly quiet. Children can be heard playing outside. 

04:36Copy video clip URL Family leader Love Israel speaks with the group. “I feel like in our family so many times we have just two totally opposite minds we have to deal with all the time. You know, one that considers survival the most important thing and one that considers spiritualism as the most important thing. We try to fit those, balance those out in a way we can all stand it.”  

08:24Copy video clip URL Audio cuts out. The family sits in the tent. Others wander outside. The children sit outside, eating. 

14:56Copy video clip URL Dusk. Audio returns. The family sits around outside, talking with each other. 

16:14Copy video clip URL Audio cuts out. Footage of a house and a dirt road. A man waves at the camera. Shots of the Love Family tents and buses from a hill above them. 

21:52Copy video clip URL End of Love Family footage. 

24:20Copy video clip URL A car by the side of the road. Dudley Evenson and her children. A generator runs, loudly, offscreen. She brushes her daughter’s hair while sitting in the grass. Dean Evenson joins the children. His daughter brushes his hair.

44:59Copy video clip URL Shots of children going to sleep and of natural skylines, mountains in the distance. An infant wanders around a balcony, leaning through the protective bars. The sun slowly sets.



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