[Love Family 5: Wainwright House]

Footage of the Love Family at Wainwright House in Rye, New York. They sing and hold a Bible study.

00:02Copy video clip URL The Love Family singing together on the lawn. 

09:08Copy video clip URL Bible study. A reading by leader Love Israel from Psalms 110. 

12:45Copy video clip URL They sing a religious song. 

16:08Copy video clip URL Another song. 

20:20Copy video clip URL Conversation among the family. 

22:01Copy video clip URL Another song. “My heart is fixed, oh Lord, my heart is fixed. I will sing and give praises.” 

24:30Copy video clip URL Members of the group stand around chatting while a band plays. “Get your mojo working.” 

26:58Copy video clip URL Indoors, a group yoga session. 

29:00Copy video clip URL A song. 

32:03Copy video clip URL Another song. “The lord of hosts is the king of glory.” 

36:13Copy video clip URL Another song. “Let the people praise the lord god.”

39:53Copy video clip URL Conversation among the group. A reading from John 1, followed by discussion from Love Israel. 

41:12Copy video clip URL Conversation: “Do you feel clear? Fully?” A reading from John 1, followed by discussion: “I feel like when we first woke up I felt the first miracle was Adam and Eve, in a way. This whole bubble, this package of life. The second was Christ when he came and just brought down our spirit. The third was when WE woke up, accounting for the different parts and the different words of god. Different spirits, different talents, different gifts. And that’s what I felt when we first woke up. That’s totally what I felt. I felt this was he final– third time was the charm and now we are awakened and this was Christ coming down as his body. There was nothing left to wait for anymore. All the things had been fulfilled. The only left thing to fulfill was us. Anybody else see that, clearly?” 

46:26Copy video clip URL The reading from John 1 continues. Love Israel comments: “It says that no man has seen god and a lot of us know we have seen god. So therefore it must not be him. It must be angels or [inaudible]. Many of us have already– we’ve totally dropped our barriers, most of us in this room and became more than men. We became everything. And then we came back into these bodies, and were born totally nude, with a whole new understanding of life… I feel like it was all explained to us before we even understood what it meant. We went out, we let go, we gave up the world. God took us up into himself, showed us the truth and brought us back down in one teenie weenie little part of it. These are the things we remember? Saul, you remember, clearly, in your head?” The reading continues. 

53:45Copy video clip URL A family member shares: “When I first “saw” I hadn’t even read the Bible or anything and I knew it totally. There wasn’t a thing in that book I didn’t understand after I started reading it. It all made sense. It was like remembering after all these years.” Love Israel respond: “You’re getting to understand that you are a witness of Jesus Christ and have seen him and you know that people are gonna downplay that. Everyone’s gonna downplay it. So the only thing that can uplay it is our life. That’s the only thing we have is that we’re witnesses of Jesus Christa and witnesses that all things merge into one at that point. And that all parts are part of that one body. And so there’s nothing to argue about. It’s just that we are that body and the only thing we can do is just manifest that more and more and more until everyone can see Jesus Christ. Until everyone can see the lord. I know that Kurt has said he’s seen all the different religions in us. In me or in some of us he’s seen Krishna, he’s seen Buddha. How many of us have seen all those things in us?”

56:17Copy video clip URL The reading continues. “You know what that means? It means that people mostly condemn themselves, in the way they cut themselves off from the truth without even knowing it or caring to find out because they feel if they found out they might be on the wrong side of it.”




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