[Louis Farrakhan / Ernest Withers]

0:08Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a man finishing a speech at a church. The congregation applauds him.

1:05Copy video clip URL Louis Farrakhan speaks about having a black mayor in Chicago after leading a prayer. He talks about representation in politics. He moves to discuss leaders that have been killed including JFK and Malcolm X. He talks about Harold Washington and Christianity. He mentions a controversial exhibit at the Art Institute. He tells of stories about Jesus Christ and the political problems of his time, and religious hypocrisy in modern day politics. He tells an anecdote about violence and discrimination. He calls people to come together and fight for their rights. 

29:00Copy video clip URL Farrakhan finishes speaking. They pray. Footage from around the church as people walk around and talk. 

20:19Copy video clip URL Cut to footage inside an art gallery. A man shows a picture taken of him as a child. He gives the history of many photos in the gallery, many of which feature Martin Luther King Jr.. He explains some of the different types of cameras used. He tells anecdote about MLK’s assassination.

56:45Copy video clip URL A woman introduces a child who recites MLK’s final speech. After she finishes, the woman who introduced her talks about the Murder of Emmett Till.  

1:00:58Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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