[Love Family 1: Ranch / Soundings Music]

Footage of the Love Family commune in Washington State, including interviews with its members, followed by musical performances from Dean and Dudley Evenson and collaborators.

00:14Copy video clip URL Scenes in nature and farming. The farmers sing in unison as they work. 

01:47Copy video clip URL A woman discusses visiting the Love Family and deciding to move to the farm with them. She appreciates “the high level of spirituality, the high level of loving each other.” 

03:08Copy video clip URL A commune member discusses the new kind of communal family structure that they are creating. He distinguishes their spirituality from traditional religion: “The same god has been saying the same thing all along: love each other; you’re brothers; you’re all my children; I’m one god, there’s only one god, and you’re all parts of me. That’s the same message in every language.” 

06:07Copy video clip URL Commune members sing a song: “There’s no love like ours. There’s no one apart from our one loving heart.” 

06:59Copy video clip URL The construction of a building on the commune grounds, along with other outdoor work. 

09:12Copy video clip URL A commune member discusses the family’s beliefs, which require people to “come together as a body” and to discover their own place in that body. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Commune founder Love Israel discusses the family’s beliefs. 

10:51Copy video clip URL Dancing.

11:34Copy video clip URL A commune member discusses praying for help for her daughter’s health problem, which she says resulted in a vision of a visit from an angel and communication from god. 

15:22Copy video clip URL The young daughter, Marcy, talks about being “scooped up” by god’s light and being spoken to by god. 

17:30Copy video clip URL Singing.

20:18Copy video clip URL End of Love Family video. 

21:00Copy video clip URL New Age music from Dean Evenson and Andy, “The Tale of the Goat,” with Dudley Evenson dancing and swaying. 

23:00Copy video clip URL Another song, with Dudley dancing. 

30:32Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “Music by Andy.” Another song. Video effects on Andy’s guitar. Dudley dances with a crystal. 

36:31Copy video clip URL An upbeat song that turns into an improvisatory session. 

42:25Copy video clip URL Footage of the coastline. Waves. 

51:07Copy video clip URL Dudley Evenson dancing and swaying on the beach. 



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