[Love Family 9: Seattle]

Footage of the Love Family in their home in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, including discussions with leader Love Israel about the group and with a family member about romantic relationships.

00:02Copy video clip URL The Love Family indoors playing music. No audio. 

00:57Copy video clip URL Men filmed through the window of the Front Door Inn in Seattle, outdoors on the sidewalk taking vegetables from the Love Family’s boxes of free produce. 

01:56Copy video clip URL Inside. People can be seen in silhouette.

02:34Copy video clip URL The Love Family. Children laughing and playing, people standing around. A bible quote on a poster in the wall, other decorations. Adults play music. 

07:42Copy video clip URL Audio returns. Love Family members sing a song: “I know you, you are the way I go.” 

19:45Copy video clip URL A larger group of Love Family members, inside at night. The adults sing while children dance in the middle of the room. 

20:58Copy video clip URL Love Israel leads the family as they harmonize together for several minutes. He then leads them in a prayer. 

25:01Copy video clip URL Interior of a house under construction. Love family members hammer and saw and work on the upper floor of a new house. Children hang around inside and play outside. 

32:08Copy video clip URL Love Israel chats with a family member about the benefits of the family growing closer together: “A place where we can all get high without fear or paranoia, a place where everybody understands us and they all realize we’re the same family, the same people, and we’re all looking to understand each other and not to lock each other up.” 

35:51Copy video clip URL The aims of the group. Dudley Evenson: “I realized last night when I was dancing I was dancing for the lord, which is everyone, every single person… that’s where the glory comes in and that’s how we can magnify.” Discussions of dissolving the boundaries between audience and performer. 

39:07Copy video clip URL A female member, Honesty, speaks with Dudley about her religious revelation that led her to believe that Love Israel should be their leader. She discusses the origins of their Love Family names and finding her purpose with the family. 

41:32Copy video clip URL Children outside. One plays an instrument. 

44:53Copy video clip URL The exterior of the Love Family house. Flowers, leaves, grass. Children playing. 

49:42Copy video clip URL Discussion of romantic relationships in the family: “We don’t really have wives or husbands here. That’s not what we’re building…. We’re starting over on a new foundation so everything now is couched in a different perspective than dying in so many years and living among strangers and maybe only having one woman that you could invest yourself in as a friend, maybe only able to get close to only one woman. Here we are a big family of people that know we’re forever, know we’re gonna know each other forever and know that what kind of relationship we have from now on is up to us. There’s no outside rule or law telling us how our outside relationships have to be. There’s no exact, prescribed borders to those relationships…. The people I live with are my law… Our marriage is rooted in knowing that we’re one. Our marriage is the marriage of Jesus Christ. And it’s not like the marriage of the world, which is a temporary thing which is terminated by death, or divorce… Very few of them make it to death…. If you see all women are your sisters, how can you divorce your sister?” Discussions of “expanding” your love beyond one other person. 

60:08Copy video clip URL Question about homosexuality, birth control, and punishment within the family, including for children who misbehave. The family member discusses raising children by nurturing them but is cut off by the end of the tape. 




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