[Love Family 16: Seattle]

Footage of the Love Family and their neighbors in Queen Anne, a neighborhood in Seattle, and at one of their ranches.

00:02Copy video clip URL A man in a rainbow bandana performs a comedy routine for a group of small children. He introduces another adult man whose face is painted like a clown as “Mr. Fantastico,” who pretends to juggle and then feigns preparing to a dive off a chair into a small cup of water. He somersaults forward, knocking over the cup. 

05:46Copy video clip URL The two men and the children sit in a circle and sing a song in which they repeat the words “Thank you father.”

07:21Copy video clip URL The children play. The man in the rainbow bandana returns to perform for the kids again and play with them. They all pretend to fly, then he asks them to laugh in unison with him and to imagine a little gold ball made of light.

21:52Copy video clip URL The children and the man in the bandana discuss a painting illustrating themes from the Love Family’s religious beliefs and he tells them a story about a winged horse. “One of my first revelations of the universe was in honey… I just saw the whole universe right there in the honey.”

26:09Copy video clip URL An elderly barber, in the middle of a haircut, talks about the Love Family. He talks about giving them honey for their help with his honeybees. “They won’t accept money, so I give them honey.” He says that they are “good neighbors” who are clean, work hard, and help prevent crime in the neighborhood. 

30:32Copy video clip URL The Front Door Inn, owned by the Love Family in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. A storefront with several boxes of produce below a sign that reads “Please share in our abundance. Help yourself.” Children ride tricycles in front of the storefront and the store next to them, Sylvester’s Queen Anne Bake Shop. 

32:00Copy video clip URL Outside a Love Family ranch.

32:37Copy video clip URL A Love Family member cleans candlesticks. 

33:49Copy video clip URL A conversation inside the Love Family house. Two new members, an older couple, discuss leaving New York to join the Love Family while a young woman combs the new female member’s hair. “People in our generation are afraid of everything, I feel… and they’re getting more afraid of everything. So this is so wild that they can’t even relate to it.” The man explains that, after living a conventional life and raising children, they felt that they “could go farther,,, in our relations with our fellow man.” 

44:18Copy video clip URL The damaging effects of “physical comfort” in that it encourages a person to remain static.

47:40Copy video clip URL The expanded notion of family within the group. The need for the “grandparent” generation within the Love Family. “It’s the blessing of their age, and their able to share the wisdom.” 

49:17Copy video clip URL A Love Family member describes having “what the Bible calls an open vision” of Jesus Christ that he claims was mistaken for some kind of physical or mental breakdown. The older couple discuss visions experienced while meditating. 

55:10Copy video clip URL The religious aspects of everything the family does, and the way that their spirituality inflects every aspect of their day. 


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  1. Al Hirsch says:

    This video contains and interview with Phil and Beverley Ingraham, parents of Phil and John who were family member. They moved in with their sons and grandkids and lived at the ranch for quite a few years.

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