[Love Family 10: Ranch]

Footage of the Love Family on their ranch in the Washington State.

00:03Copy video clip URL Outside at the Love Family ranch. Several men are chopping trees, using horses to move the logs. Children wander in the yard. Adults work in the fields.

07:52Copy video clip URL Two family members outside on the grass, singing a song: “We’ve already been the opposite of what we are to be, [thinking?] you’ll die slowly to set the children free.” 

11:37Copy video clip URL Indoors at night. The family dances to music. A band plays, featuring guitars, tom toms, and flute, along with numerous backup singers. 

25:45Copy video clip URL Outdoors in the daytime, the two family members return to play another song. Another member sits behind them, singing along. “Now that I’m here with you, I can see so much sky blue.” 

28:39Copy video clip URL Another song: “Roll on won’t you let your life go.”

31:06Copy video clip URL Another song: “Deep inside my heart I hear an everlasting call. Like the center of the sun I radiate my love to all.” 

32:33Copy video clip URL Children playing indoors on a trampoline. Through the window, a man can be seen shooting a bow and arrow outside. 

37:13Copy video clip URL Sewing a blanket. The children continue to play on the trampoline. A young woman teaches the children how to do cartwheels and flips on the floor. 

41:07Copy video clip URL An adult explains teaching “ancient Korean finger math” to the family’s children in their school while children sit listening. They add numbers together using the method. 

43:34Copy video clip URL Family members learn how to rappel down a rope. 

47:52Copy video clip URL Filming out the window of the ranch. Inside a member sews.

50:32Copy video clip URL Plowing the fields, the ploy pulled by two horses. 

53:11Copy video clip URL Sowing the fields. 

54:30Copy video clip URL A member explains her sewing work. 

57:31Copy video clip URL A member teaches children to sew. 



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