[Love Family 2: Harlem, NY]

Footage of the Love Family working outside and singing, followed by footage of singing and dancing by the Love Family and others in Harlem, New York.

00:00Copy video clip URL The Love Family commune. People working in the garden. 

07:03Copy video clip URL Singing while working. 

13:33Copy video clip URL Group yoga outside the house. 

18:28Copy video clip URL Trucks and vans parked in a line. A painted bus approaches, the riders waves at the camera. 

20:42Copy video clip URL Driving down the highway. 

23:51Copy video clip URL Extremely dark image, largely illegible. Audio discussion of Love Family religious beliefs. “Long ago we saw Jesus Christ, and we saw him as us all. We didn’t see him as being wholly separated from us. He was us, all of us. When I saw Jesus Christ I saw all of our faces.” Followed by several minutes of silence. 

33:05Copy video clip URL Children and adults singing and dancing. A mix of Love Family members and residents of Harlem. 




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