[Love Family 15: Wine, Dentistry, Seattle]

Footage of the Love Family as they work fields of grape plants, make grape juice and wine, and perform dentistry, among other activities.

00:01Copy video clip URL Inside in a Love Family house. Love Israel hangs out with members of the group.

03:30Copy video clip URL Female family members teach the children to knit and sew. Shot with a fisheye lens. 

06:11Copy video clip URL Shot with a regular lens. They continue to knit and sew. Love Israel visits. 

08:40Copy video clip URL Fisheye shots of knitting and sewing. 

10:08Copy video clip URL Regular lens. Love Israel watches as the women teach the children. 

11:30Copy video clip URL The Love Family working outside in a field, farming. One member shows the camera an uprooted “two-year-old Merlot plant.” He then discusses their farming methods. 

14:57Copy video clip URL Working in the field, shot with a fisheye lens. 

16:04Copy video clip URL More field work, shot with a regular lens. A family member, Reality Israel, discusses the plans for the wine grapes and how they dealt with a very harsh winter. “In 2-3 years, grapes everywhere!”

21:43Copy video clip URL The Love Family’s use of wine as part of celebrations, and not for intoxication. More work on the grape plants. 

25:17Copy video clip URL Fisheye lens. Sign reading “Israel Bros. Juice Produce.” 

25:45Copy video clip URL Family members making juice in barrels, mashing, straining, and squishing fruits and vegetables, stirring the pulp. A family members explains their process. 

32:42Copy video clip URL A family member shows a printed label reading “Israel Brothers Real Organic Baco Noir Juice. 100% Pure Grape Juice.” They close and secure barrels of grape juice.

35:46Copy video clip URL Outside in grassy fields. Love Family members walk around. Some practice archery. A child pets a cow. The sun shines over the horizon. 

41:45Copy video clip URL Inside. A family member acts as a dentist on another member while children hang over the patient. The dentist explains what he’s doing. 

47:41Copy video clip URL Exterior of the Front Door Inn in Queen Anne, Seattle. Exterior of The Love Israel Foundation storefront across the street. 

49:38Copy video clip URL Love Family members hang out outside the storefronts. They greet a passerby – not a member of the family – and give him a hug.

50:53Copy video clip URL Exterior of Love Family building under construction in Queen Anne and the nearby homes. Family members and Dudley Evenson hanging out outside the house. Others work on the house. Several are on the roof. 

58:31Copy video clip URL Inside. A family member with a died beard and a red-colored nose performs mime and comedy routines for children. 



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