[Love Family 14: Ranch and Seattle]

Footage of the Love Family at their ranch in Washington State and at their home and other properties in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

00:02Copy video clip URL A brief shot of men working outside at the Love Family ranch. 

00:05Copy video clip URL Men unloading boxes of produce from the back of a truck into the “Love Israel Foundation” storefront in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. No audio. 

01:38Copy video clip URL Audio. They continue to unload the truck, chatting with Dudley Evenson about the group’s farming efforts. “We definitely don’t want to make any money. We just want to feed our people.” 

05:40Copy video clip URL Exterior at the Love Family ranch.

06:49Copy video clip URL Sawing wood outside. A family member narrates as the camera records men working and the living/storage arrangements in the woods. He greets Stability Israel, who is living in a series of tents. 

08:33Copy video clip URL Inside the tents in the woods where Love Family members are living. Views from the window and from outside the tent. 

12:08Copy video clip URL Plowing the fields, the plow pulled by two horses. 

14:21Copy video clip URL Inside with Love Family members, singing. There are children, including babies. 

18:44Copy video clip URL Outside, the fields covered with fog. 

19:33Copy video clip URL Children singing while sitting in a circle: “Let the people say ‘I believe in love’ / Let the people say ‘We are one’!”

22:40Copy video clip URL Another song: “Mother of peace, Jerusalem.” 

25:30Copy video clip URL Another song: “Love each other / Our father knows I am.” 

29:45Copy video clip URL Another song: “Let the people praise him oh god! / Let all the people praise him.” 

31:20Copy video clip URL Another song (brief, not fully legible). 

32:40Copy video clip URL Group stretches and harmonizing with the children. 

35:16Copy video clip URL Exteriors of the Love Family ranch. Close-ups of grass and leaves. Children hanging around outside. 

37:43Copy video clip URL Construction inside a new building in Queen Anne, Seattle. 

46:03Copy video clip URL Views of the neighborhood and of Seattle from the top of the house under construction, as group members continue to work on the roof and the interiors. 

49:39Copy video clip URL Outside the house. Family members shoot bows and arrows at a target in the yard. 

53:31Copy video clip URL Gardening in the front yard of their Seattle house. Planting flowers. 

55:12Copy video clip URL Children meditating in a group, led by a young woman. 

56:20Copy video clip URL The children dancing, twirling in circles, as a woman strums a harp. 

60:56Copy video clip URL A painting on the wall of Jesus, his covered with images of smaller faces. 




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