Milly’s Orchid Show at the Lounge Ax

A live performance of Milly's Orchid Show, a variety program hosted by Brigid Murphy and occurring at the Lounge Ax. Performers include Matthew Owens, The Texas Rubies, and John Connors, among others.

00:00Copy video clip URL The band sets up on the dark stage. Crosstalk from the crowd is heard as the audience mills about before the show.

01:25Copy video clip URL After a jump cut, Milly is on stage, singing the last verse of a song a cappella. She introduces the band, and then introduces the Sammy Dyer Express.

05:30Copy video clip URL The Sammy Dyer Express performs a tap dancing routine.

09:35Copy video clip URL Milly returns to the stage. She explains the multi-stage setup of the program, and then introduces Matthew the Clown (aka Matthew Owens).

10:15Copy video clip URL Matthew the Clown performs a monologue in which he explains his plans to murder a bunch of children at a party.

13:05Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Edward Thomas-Herrera. He performs a monologue about the TV show “That Girl.”

17:58Copy video clip URL Milly reads from Milly’s Mail Bag. She then introduces the Texas Rubies.

19:30Copy video clip URL The Texas Rubies sing four songs.

30:15Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Cheryl Trykv, who performs a monologue about life as a performing monkey. At Milly’s insistence, she does a second bit about a hostile encounter with her boss.

38:00Copy video clip URL Milly arranges the props on stage, and introduces lasso artist Rosio Sanchez. Sanchez takes the stage and does several tricks.

42:15Copy video clip URL Milly begins to introduce the next act, attempts to plug in a second microphone, and nearly electrocutes herself. She does a dance. A stagehand rearranges the lights while Milly tells a story about walking in on him while he was wearing his sister’s dress. She introduces Marsha Wilke.

47:15Copy video clip URL Wilke performs a monologue about an acquaintance from high school with a large cyst, her mom’s pregnancy, and an encounter in San Francisco.

51:40Copy video clip URL Milly gives a chair to an audience member, and offers the stage as seating. She introduces The Rutledge Sisters, who sing several songs.

1:04:00Copy video clip URL Milly returns to the stage and announces some upcoming acts. With dancers behind her, sings a Christmas song.

1:09:45Copy video clip URL The Biggest Sissies in the World perform.

1:12:10Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Willie May, who recites a scene from Richard III.

1:16:00Copy video clip URL Milly stretches her sore hip, talks to some people standing off-stage, then introduces John Connors.

1:17:35Copy video clip URL John Connors sings.

1:23:15Copy video clip URL Lisa Buscani reads some poems.

1:29:00Copy video clip URL After a long introduction, Milly sings a song accompanied by dancers.

1:34:10Copy video clip URL Milly introduces Marc Smith. Dressed in Christmas regalia, Smith recites a monologue with a grouchy holiday theme.

1:47:10Copy video clip URL Milly attempts to introduce the last act, but is distracted. She reminds the audience that merchandise such as records and t-shirts is available.

1:49:29Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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