MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour, episode 1070

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0:05 Title: The MacNeil Lehrer Newshour

0:15 Introduction to topics for the day.

1:10 Story about military clashes in Lebanon.

2:30 Story about Brussels, nuclear arms negotiations.

3:50 Polish leader wins Nobel Peace Prize. His wife traveled to Norway to accept the award because the leader feared he would not be allowed back into Po land if he left.

4:40 Story about Burma and an alleged assassination attempt.

5:05 Eastern airlines achieves initial agreement that will help it compete against larger carriers. The agreement is pending approval by employees of the company. Charles Bryan, union leader, speaks live about how the agreement will benefit employees.

12:40 Story about how natural gas prices will be higher for the coming winter. This is blamed on the Regan administration for not taking coherent action. Various congressmen and experts discuss the problem. A reporter gives a history of legislation covering the natural gas market.

24:30 News from the White House. One official had been considered for the new baseball commissioner, but he is out of the running. One official doesn’t believe that anyone is too poor to buy food – they simply are lazy. David Gergen, Reagan assistant, resigns.

26:35 Gergen speaks in the studio about why he resigned. One reason was that he felt the Reagan administration had an anti-media attitude.

32:10 Former Democratic congressman John Jenrette was convicted of bribery and conspiracy and sentenced to two years in jail.

33:50 Image of Death Valley, California.

34:25 Shell Oil sued by government and forced to clean area in mountains that they had polluted.

34:50 General Motors had to pay money for cars with faulty brakes.

35:15 Reagan complains about human rights violations in South America.

36:06 Margaret Thatcher speaks about how British-American relations are strong.

36:55 Vice President George Bush, Sr., flew to Argentina for the inauguration of a new president, Alfonsin. This ushers in a new era of democracy. Eva Peron returns to Argentina after self-imposed exile.

38:05 L. Garcia del Solar, Argentine ambassador to the U.S., speaks about the poor fin ancial condition of Argentina and the future of the country under the new president.

44:10 Shots of Inspiration Point, Utah.

44:50 Recap of top stories.

45:25 Panda Sing-Sing is recovering slightly from severe illness.

46:05 Theresa’s Lounge on the South Side of Chicago has lost its lease and is closing. This club was extremely important to the Blues scene in Chicago. Mama Theresa had owned and operated the place for 34 years. Groups such as the Rolling Stones, Buddy Guy, and other important blues musicians performed there. Arbee Stedham, pianist, organized benefit for Theresa, with pe rformers such as Sunnyland Slim, Lonny Brooks, Forbes Superstar, Big Sarah, and Carey Bell. Credits.

52:50 End of tape.



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