[Making It In Hollywood raw #12]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. More raw footage shot at actress Sally Kirkland's home. Sally and several of her actress friends discuss various issues; including competition among friends and fellow actors, actors/friends helping each other, pornographic movies, and nudity in films.

00:05Copy video clip URL Kirkland sits with a group of friends in her home, talking about the American Film Institute (AFI), and women becoming producers, writers and directors.

03:07Copy video clip URL Kirkland says that she was very competitive early in her career. Helping people get parts is good when you know you’re wrong for a part.

05:20Copy video clip URL Director Frank Cavestani asks about possible jealousy surrounding Kirkland being a center of his documentary, but her friends respect the fact that Kirkland has been in the business longer.

06:10Copy video clip URL A friendly discussion about friends helping one another turns into a subdued, but nonetheless angry, argument between Sally and one of her friends. Her friend is angry that Kirkland had demanded, allegedly, that a one act play be promoted with “Starring Sally Kirkland.”

11:47Copy video clip URL One of Kirkland’s friends interrupts, and tells us that she’s been here 3 months and has been impressed by Sally’s numerous connections and willingness to use them for her friends. Cavestani explains to the girls the mission of his documentary, and the importance of objectivity. They somehow get onto the topic of nudity in acting.

20:32Copy video clip URL Sally lists her expectations for life from when she was a teenager, and how they contrast with the reality. She was ambitious and expected to be married with kids. One of her friends thinks that in the 1940s, films were written with more character parts and were more artistic.

22:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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