[Making It In Hollywood raw #26]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business and some who are already established. Interview with Tab Hunter, former matinee idol, in the Chateau Marmont hotel. Hunter talks about the impact of fame and stardom on people's personalities. Frank Cavestani explains the mission of the project--to de-glamorize Hollywood and to show the reality of a Hollywood wannabe.

00:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Tab Hunter (starts in the middle). Hunter explains that he doesn’t care about publicity any more. He talks about a letter from a reporter requesting an interview and talks about specific reporters. He reveals that he doesn’t like when people call him by his real first name.

02:07Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks him how he made up his name. ¬†Jody Sibert relates a common rumor about Hunter that his name came about because he took lots of LSD and he was a “tab hunter.” She tells him he has intense eyes. Frank Cavestani explains the mission of the tape–to de-glamorize Hollywood and to show the actors who aren’t working. Tom Weinberg talks about the unsuccessful dreamers, the thousands of people living in L.A. and hoping to make it big as an actor.

07:55Copy video clip URL Hunter talks about the psychological impact of acting. Weinberg asks about the impact of fame on a person’s personality. Hunter tells a story about a deranged fan who wouldn’t understand that he couldn’t stop and talk to her when he was running late. He says his fans feel he owes them something and he thinks that is ridiculous. He says this is why some stars become so impenetrable.

13:10Copy video clip URL Hunter announces he has to leave. Afterwards, the interviewers talk about the positive parts of the interview and about their changed impressions of him since they have met him. They get an address from him to send him a release form. He signs the form and talks about Cissy Colpetts, a friend of his who is just starting out and trying to get an agent. Sibert announces she still has a crush on Hunter and Weinberg agrees.

17:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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