[Making It In Hollywood raw #27]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. Footage from one of John Roger's spiritual gatherings at his Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness attended by Sally Kirkland. After several songs sung by congregation members, Kirkland performs a song she wrote, and then reads one of her poems that attempts to explain her spirituality and why she is an actress.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape opens in a large, crowded room, where the congregation sits on the floor and sings quietly. Sally Kirkland approaches leader John Roger (J.R.) about taping the gathering.

03:34Copy video clip URL The tape cuts and people step up one by one to J.R., who is sitting on an elevated platform in a fuzzy blue armchair, to be individually consulted. J.R. counsels a man about his letting his lover go. The other sessions are not audible. The whole group of people sits and hums in the background.

05:20Copy video clip URL The camera pans to Kirkland, who is deep in thought and scribbling, and then the tape cuts and the group of people are singing (“Everlasting Messiah”). Kirkland sways back and forth.

06:55Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, JR speaks to the crowd from his blue armchair about being taped. After this, multiple people perform optimistic and spiritual songs, including Kirkland.

07:53Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and a woman performs a humorous song about “bubbles of love.” JR briefly advertises a book before another performer starts.

10:20Copy video clip URL A man plays piano and sings an inspirational song. The tape cuts, and he sings another song.

14:00Copy video clip URL Kirkland gets up and talks about the documentary, being an artist and being a “life actor.” She introduces her song and poem.

16:45Copy video clip URL She sits at the piano to play what she calls “a rock n’ roll love song.”

19:00Copy video clip URL She then stands at the microphone to read a poem. Her friend accompanies her on the zither.

21:15Copy video clip URL She finally begins the poem. The tape ends while Kirkland is reading her poem that attempts to explain her spirituality and why she is an actress.

22:38Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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