[Making It In Hollywood raw #31]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. Footage from a poolside interview with an actress, Franny Norman, who talks about some of the "attitudes" in Hollywood, and expresses frustration with her friend, actress Sally Kirkland. Model/actress Amy Botwinick is also interviewed at the pool. She talks about her experiences with casting directors, actresses who "sleep their way to the top," and working as an extra.

00:00Copy video clip URL Preparing for the interview, audio tests near the pool.

01:03Copy video clip URL Poolside interview with an actress, Franny Norman. General shots of people hanging out in the water, and then the camera pans to Franny talking about an incident with Sally Kirkland, and about the party which we saw on a previous tape. She thinks that people there displayed stereotypical Hollywood attitudes. She calls the party “as typical as can be.” “It was a disappointment that there weren’t more interesting people there.”

04:24Copy video clip URL Franny talks about her opinion of Sally Kirkland; she feels that Kirkland was very rude to her at the party and describes Kirkland’s cold shoulder.

07:34Copy video clip URL Model/actress Amy Botwinick is also interviewed at the pool. She talks about her experiences with casting directors and actresses who “sleep their way to the top.”

11:39Copy video clip URL Franny tells Amy about two of her commercials, and Amy talks about working as an extra. “I just like the industry.” Franny, on the other hand, doesn’t “take it lightly… It’s very serious to me.” Franny is frustrated that people without training, who don’t care about their careers, can get starring parts. “It can be so destructive when you want something so much.”

20:16Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, Amy is only 21, and is just doing it for fun. She thinks that there is too much competition when you mix your private and work lives, and this is why she wants to model.

22:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.



  1. Franny Norman says:

    Would be interested in interviewing same
    People today!
    I miss you Laura💜🙏

    • Larry Coppage says:

      Franny how are you. Are you still writing scripts? Remember Malibu “Latino Bay Villas”? Where are you living now ? I am working on music and making a feature film?

    • Ronnie Burton says:

      I have always been a fan of Amy Botwinick! Thanks for this video!

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